The great Cold War of 2006 continues to rage…

… in my sinuses. It seems every time I think I’m starting to approach normalcy I end up going to bed and waking up to find that things seem worse than the day before. I’ve had a semi-headache pretty much for the last three days and my head feels like it’s stuffed with slimy cotton balls. I think the war is going my way, though, as the virus appears to be retreating up my right ear’s Eustachian tube thus rendering me more or less deaf in that ear. I’m still coughing on a regular basis as well, but the cold hasn’t managed to invade my chest yet so that’s good news.

Beyond that it’s been a routine of sleep often, drink lots of fluids, eat semi-regularly, read, watch TV, or play my new PS2 games. Being that my desktop is in the basement, which is cold, I’ve not been on it as much as I’d like to be. As of last Sunday I’ve been engaged in this war for my nasal passages a week or so and Courtney is well into her second week of fighting hers so I expect it’s going to be a few more days before final victory is achieved.

Hopefully I’ll be back to posting regularly soon.

10 thoughts on “The great Cold War of 2006 continues to rage…

  1. Shit, Les, how is it that we live on opposite sides of the country and seem to have gotten the same cold??

  2. As far as I know there isn’t a single family not hit.  Every family I know has got it, except mine.  Somehow we missed it, which kind of scares me since school and work are starting up in a couple weeks…

  3. elwed—
    My family has managed to stay safe so far.
    I may manage to ruin that soon, however—it appears I’ve got a throatache, or at least withdrawal symptoms from cigarettes?

  4. This one is vicious. Courtney’s headed into her second week and although she feels much improved, she’s far from healthy. My cold has been following the same pattern of hers delayed by a couple of days so I just keep watching how she’s doing to know what’s coming up next.

  5. We have the additional benefit of out-of-state family being in town to trade bugs with. At least we don’t have to get on an airplane with a baby sporting an ear infection.

  6. Don’t fret, your illness will eventually go away, or current Chimp in charge continues to kill our troops in hopes of solidifing his legacy.

    I do hope you get better; I have no hope or faith in our King in charge.


  7. Good luck smiting the whatever bug’s biting you.  Maybe Courtney softened it up a bit before turning it loose on her old man?  wink

    Also, best of luck job-hunting in the coming weeks.  With the holidays out the way, hopefully the prospects will improve.

    Happy New Years (huzzah for secular holidays) to you and the others who haunt this place.

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