Sometimes I really hate it when I’m right.

I am, once again, among the ranks of Michigan’s unemployed and will be filing for unemployment and then taking up the job hunt in earnest once again. Walked into the meeting this morning to a very haggard looking manager and boss sitting next to my rep from the contract house. That’s a pretty big clue right there. Seems the order came down to get rid of three heads and I was the last one to join the team so I ended up being one of the first let go. Which is pretty much what I would’ve expected. Once again I was told that it wasn’t anything to do with my productivity or professionalism and that I was a very good employee which is why the boss had agonized over it for the past couple of days. Both my manager and my boss offered to write me letters of recommendation to help and they put the word out to other departments on the off-chance someone else might have something I could take on.

I think I handled things pretty well, but then it helped that I realized before taking the job on that I was taking a risk in going back to Ford Motor Company at a time when they were talking about cutting jobs. I had hoped to get more than the two and a half months I did get out of it before being let go, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. My only real concern is that it took me 10 months the last time I was laid off to find something else to do and I really don’t want it to take that long again. My contract rep says our company just got in with Toyota so there may be some possibilities there and Google is still building up in Ann Arbor so I’m going to try sending a resume in to them as well.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Les, I would say comiserations, but that would sound cheap and hollow, having been booted out relatively recently (admitedly I was in the process of leaving anyway), I hope have success in the jobhunting arena.

    The only advice I can offer is to bug recruitment agents and personnel people until they realise that (a ) you are enthusiastic and (b ) the only way they’ll get rid of you is to give you a job wink

  2. Just want to add my condolences and wishes for a VERY short layoff.  In case the info. helps, I’ve had past experience with Toyota, and they are good to work with (if demanding).

  3. Being one of the lucky few to still be employed at FoMoCo can sincerly say… I feel for ya, man. I come in everyday just waiting for my contract rep to be sitting at my desk with a box and a glum look. And still I procrastinate about securing my future elsewhere and evading the axe before it drops. TAC Automotive is my contract house, I could pass along your resume if you shoot me an email. Seriously, enjoy as much time off as you can afford.

  4. Having spent most of 2004-5 out of steady work, I certainly sympathize with your situation.  I hope you find something great soon.

    Not to make light or anything, but you could contact the most recent Christians who said they would pray for you and say “Thanks a LOT!”

  5. Damn, that sucks.  I know how hard it is to find a new job and I can’t imagine how much harder it must be when you have a family to support.  Good luck man, I’m sure you’ll find something soon enough.

  6. I’m really sorry to hear about this Les. I had no idea you worked for Ford. I think things are going to get really tough for many more auto workers, and the economy of Michigan in general.

  7. Yeepers. This really makes me understand what they call ‘precarious’ employment. Shit.

    Also shows that its good to work for a smaller company – unless they are dissatisfied with your performance, the boss won’t let you go two months after he hired you, because after all, HE hired you. Its not like some VP you have never seen decides to slash some numbers on a spreadsheet.

  8. It’s just my personal opinion, but I would think about leaving Michigan for greener pastures. The state has become so dependent on the auto industry as the main infrastructure of the economy. Combine that with the unions that prevent Ford and GM from being competitive with imported autos. More about Ford can be found here

  9. Also shows that its good to work for a smaller company – unless they are dissatisfied with your performance, the boss won’t let you go two months after he hired you, because after all, HE hired you. Its not like some VP you have never seen decides to slash some numbers on a spreadsheet.

    I agree, I also like working for the smaller business.  I always saw myself working for a small business IT dept or an educational IT dept.  The last 4 of 6 jobs have been the latter, and I can say they can’t be beat. 

    Working in a small tight group of 4 or maybe up to 8.  You build a really strong team feeling, and at the end of the day you truly feel as though you made a difference, since your work impacts the students of the educational institution.  And the thing I liked the best was that you never truly did the same thing.  You get the chance to work on all different kinds of things, and really use problem solving skills.  Also when you work for one of these places you pretty much have to fire yourself out, once you’re in you’re in.

    My recommendation would be to check out the state of Michigan community college jobs (the state of Illinois has a one stop website for CC’s), and look at some close by Universities.  The job might pay a little less than a corporate job doing the same thing, but at least you pretty much have job security and in the long run that should pay for itself.

  10. I didn’t mention that I worked for Ford because I make it a policy never to directly mention the company I work for on my blog while I’m still employed by them. It avoids a lot of problems that way.

    Paul, leaving Michigan is a thought that has crossed my mind more than once, but it’s not something I really want to do. I love this state and my family is here so leaving is a last resort choice for me.

  11. Well shit.

    Good luck, hopefully your period of unemployment is brief, it’s hard enough to have a period of protracted unemployment when you’re single, let alone when you’ve got a family to take care of.

  12. Crap, I feel your pain man.  I went through the same thing this year and it sucks.  I did end up finding a fresh job through and so far so good (if that helps any).

  13. Son of a bitch!! I know what you’re going through especially when you had that ‘oh shit’ feeling before it happened. We’ve been feeling it since October and have heard any more cuts will be in December. All due to so called restructuring. Vultures are hovering looking for whom to write up so they don’t feel bad about giving the axe-and they are anal…they will write up on the smallest of technicality. Each day goes by with a heavier feeling in our guts. I’m sure you’ll find work soon and good luck trying Google, that would be great if you got in!

  14. Again, I appreciate everyone’s condolences. The ironic thing for me is that it’s been just under a year since I started working again (I landed the temporary job at my contract house in mid-December last year) and I’m back to being unemployed once more and both times the company that ended up putting me out of work was Ford.

    Doesn’t exactly instill a sense of brand loyalty in me for some reason.

    The really sad part is that I was thinking of taking the donation links out of the sidebar because I didn’t really need them anymore. Guess they’re staying now.

  15. Your experiences in the tech world are one of the reasons I got out for good when I quit Polaroid 5 years ago. I knew I was one of the one’s they wanted to keep but it was FOR HOW LONG that I was worried about.

    Not makeing very much money now but at least I don’t have to wonder if today is going to be my last based on something that I can’t control.

  16. Suckage. This is probably totally naive of me, but you’d think there would be some kind of job for which your demonstrable success as a blogger could recommend you. Maybe freelance writing or something like that that could help out on a short-term basis? Someone’s gotta know about something worth looking into.

  17. Gah, I really hope this turns out to be a short ‘holiday’ rather than a long haul.

    Best of luck and wot everyone else said!

  18. Well damn that sucks. Good luck sounds like your ex-boss was not such a bad guy if he offered to write you a recommendation letter. Good luck!

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