SEB Christmas Gifts: The Humping Dog USB Flash Drive.

So the USB Christmas Stocking flash drive wasn’t cool enough for you? Want something a little more naughty? OK, how about a USB flash drive that looks like a small dog latched onto your computer that, when you write data to the drive, humps your USB port?

It’s available in White, Black, and Brown, but currently only available in Japan. I think. That’s a guess based on the webpage. So if you really want to give it as a gift you’ll need to do some huntin’ for it.

Found via Boing Boing.

4 thoughts on “SEB Christmas Gifts: The Humping Dog USB Flash Drive.

  1. Just FYI as the season presents USB humping-dogs, warming-socks, heated mittens, etc… it is pretty easy to overload a USB port and the results can be anywhere from a system crash to destroying the motherboard.  Generally I only use onboard USB ports for data transfer and not to power devices.  If I have a device that consumes significant amounts of power, I use a powered USB hub so it isn’t drawing juice from the computer itself.

    Humping-dog probably doesn’t use much juice but do keep an eye on the milliwatts.

  2. I want that dog!!!!  That is the coolest thing ever!!! 

    Leave it up to DOF to ruin my excitement over the damn thing! LOL

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