SEB Christmas Gifts: The Half-Life 2 Headcrab Hat.

There’s only 19 shopping days left before Christmas and so to help get us into the spirit I thought I’d try something a little different this year and do a series called SEB Christmas Gifts. Stuck for an idea that is both unique and impractical, as all really good Christmas gifts should be, and need some ideas? Well we’re here to help.

First up is a hat that’s guaranteed to please your hardcore fans of Valve’s amazing FPS Half-Life 2. It’s the official HL2 Headcrab Hat. Put this on and you’ll look like you’ve been attacked by a plush version of the famous zombie making headcrab from the Half-Life series.

How great is that? If hats aren’t your thing then you can always just get the official Headcrab Plushie which I originally wrote about here. Or you could get both and make your own diorama scenes! The hat will set you back $29.95 and the plushie $24.95 and both will ensure that the recipients’ status as a gaming geek will be known to all.

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