SEB Christmas Gifts: The Christmas Stocking USB Flash Drive.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve grown to rely on my USB Flash Drives quite a bit. I have two at the moment—a 512MB and 1GB model—and I carry one or both of them around with me all the time. The 1GB model comes in particularly handy as it uses U3 technology to allow me to take a lot of software along with me when making house calls. Because they’ve become so ubiquitous some makers are doing whatever they can to attract your attention by embedding them into all manner of odd shapes from pocket knives to rubber ducks

So here’s one that would make a great stocking stuffer: A Christmas Stocking.

It comes in capacities ranging from 128MB to 2GB, though I suppose it’s the sort of thing you’d only use during a certain period of the year. Of course with the drives being so cheap these days having one around only to use at Christmas wouldn’t be that big of a deal. It’d also be pretty cool to carry all your Christmas pictures around with to show off to family and friends. OK, I’ll admit it. I just like it because it combines my favorite holiday with my gadget geek.

10 thoughts on “SEB Christmas Gifts: The Christmas Stocking USB Flash Drive.

  1. I got one of the pocket-knife ones! It is absolutely awesome – not only has a nice USB drive but also, the tools are pretty good too. Especially the small set of shears. And since its so tiny and useful, I actually have it on my keychain, instead of leaving a bigger pocket-knife at home and never having it around.

    Just so you don’t think I am pushing the product – the USB stick sadly has a bit of a shaky connection after heavy use, could have been built a bit sturdier. Still happy enough that I’ll soon enough spring for one of the larger-size ones.

  2. Doofus question: How do these things work?

    If you plug it into a USB port (running Windows XP), does your computer just recognize it as an external drive?

    So that you can move files onto or off it just by dragging them from the desktop, say, to the drive designation?

  3. That’s exactly how they work. Machines still running Windows 98 require you to install some drivers, but for the rest of the Windows family from that point beyond you just plug it in and it works more of less like a floppy disk, just a very big floppy disk.

    The first time you connect one it takes a few moments for the drivers to install, but after that when you connect it the PC will recognize it pretty quickly. Then you can drag and drop or right click on a file and select SEND TO REMOVABLE DRIVE (G: or whatever letter it gets assigned) and away it goes.

  4. elwedriddsche: USB Missile Launcher

    That would be great controlled remotely on a network, nobody would know it’s you…

  5. Too late, LH.

    Imagine the possibilities if you train a webcam on the field of fire and do a bit of video processing to detect motion. It would be so neat if you can get the launcher track somebody walking in front of it.

  6. Would be handy for changing channel on TV too, if you lost the remote and if the missiles had enough force to push the buttons. I suppose you may be able to pre program in the trajectory needed for each button

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