Santa knows when you’ve been running naked through town.

Stephen Brewer of Independence, Va. found out the hard way that Santa is ALWAYS watching:

Santa, who requested that his identity be withheld, said he was driving from Konnarock to Damascus on Monday when a man driving erratically behind him began throwing trash, parts of his truck and then his clothing out the windows.

“By the time he got into Damascus and jumped out of the truck, he was stark naked,” Santa said.

Damascus police said they found the clothes and other items strewn across a roughly 15-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 58.

Sgt. John Rouse, who arrested Brewer, said he wasn’t charged with littering because it occurred before he reached the town’s limits.

“We found a sock here; two miles later, underwear; two miles later, another sock,” said Detective Steven McVey. “The only thing we didn’t find was his pants.”

Witnesses say when he got into town on the warm, sunny afternoon, Brewer slammed on the brakes, parked half on the grass and half in the road, got out of his truck and jumped into a car at Damascus Motor Sales.

“I really believe the guy, when he drove down here, saw the door [of the used car] open, and that’s why he hit his brakes,” said car lot owner Tim Brown. “I think he was wanting to change vehicles.”

Richardson said Brewer didn’t know who he was, where his clothes were or how he’d gotten to Damascus.

“I’m standing here with this naked man handcuffed and then here comes Santa Claus,” Richardson said. “I said, ‘Can it get any better than this?’ ”

Welcome to SEB and your 15 minutes of fame, Mr. Brewer.

1 thought on “Santa knows when you’ve been running naked through town.

  1. Santa is always watching?
    You can further pervert santa’s image:

    Chrismas ‘surprise’
    (When he gets children to sit on his lap)

    “Have you been a good little boy”
    (is there pusishment if not?)

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