New Years Eve in the trenches of the Great Cold War of 2006.

I’m slowly starting to feel better. which isn’t to say I feel anything close to great or even normal, but definitely better. Though not well enough to really enjoy New Years Eve tonight. Half my taste buds are still on the fritz and my left ear is still deafened by the die-hard cold germs that have made their way into it and have been fighting a fierce battle for the past day. I’m well enough to start feeling restless and bored and that’s a good sign that full recovery shouldn’t be too far along. So I thought I should fire up the old laptop and make an attempt at an entry or two.

First up I should mention the Christmas loot I got on Monday in part because I need to send out a big thank you to SEB Regular “Mike” who sent me the first DVD of the Cowboy Bebop Remixed anime series. Now I’ve got a good excuse to buy the rest once I’m back to work. Additionally in the anime realm my lovely wife (who is also sick with the Monster Cold from Hell) got me the first four discs of the Ah! My Goddess! TV series. One other video was added to my collection, A Christmas Carol, featuring George C. Scott from a few years back which was the very first thing I ever put on my wish list.

My library now has a number of new books including Richard Dawkins The God Delision, Steven Johnson’s The Ghost Map, Neil Gamon’s Fragile Things, Dave Barry’s Big Trouble, Carl Zimmer’s Parasite Rex (which I’m already half-way through having learned more about parasites that I thought possible), and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the Shadow.

Video game wise I picked up Bully which is easily as good as any of the GTA games without all the hos and drugs, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy that allows you to play through your favorite Star Wars moments only in Lego form, Final Fantasy XII that I haven’t opened yet, F.E.A.R. – Director’s Cut for spooky FPS fun, and lastly Star Wars: Forces of Corruption which is an expansion to a game I don’t own yet, but hope to before too long.

Remaining items included a new windup pocket watch from Courtney, a four port USB hub/coffee cup warmer from my folks, a new Trans-Siberian Christmas CD, various Santa Plushies and candies, and, finally, the all-time greatest Christmas gift that is going to earn me millions over the next year: The Amazing Holy Toast Maker!

Click to embiggen!

Now I can make my very own Virgin Mary Toast to sell on eBay to credulous believers and big online casino companies who buy stupid things for lots of money. Who needs a job when you can pump out a steady supply of high-quality toast miracles?

7 thoughts on “New Years Eve in the trenches of the Great Cold War of 2006.

  1. I’m glad you and Mrs. SEB are improving, but allow me to caution you: Several of my family have had the same affliction—including me—and we’ve all learned that if you overdo things when you start feeling better, you’ll be back in bed again the next day.  So relax, read, and rest until you’re fully recovered.  Happy New Year!

  2. I love that word ‘embiggen’.
    I just asked my brother (the IT manager) if it was a well-known internet term.
    Just as I thought; he’s never heard of it.
    The word must be unique to bloggage.
    Cool.  smile

  3. Nope, it’s actually a quote from The Simpsons:  “A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man.”  grin

  4. Dammit, I forgot, put your Wish List link on the main site. Kthnx. 😀 Also, be not afraid to post more than one Wish List. Amazon is not the only site that contains them you know…. (Hint:

  5. I got clothes, cookware, Okami for my PS2, Light Grenades for my music collection and a few other tidbits. My mother gave us all bibles after I noted my atheism at the table last year at this time. I’ve half-considered burning the book and sending back the leather bindings just so she knows what transpired, but I can cause less conflict by just keeping the book on my shelf for the rare time where I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for – I can scan the pages faster than I can search online for the passages.

    Of course, it’s a particularly funny gift in my father’s eyes, who always figured my mother for a nutcase – she went through religions in phases (Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, LDS, Buddhism…) and settled on.. whatever she is now. I assume it has something to do with the NKJV New Testament. smile

    Played Settlers of Catan – never got around to picking up the Knights and Cities expansion. My brother got them both for Christmas from his girl. He even got my parents in love with it, so while they won’t fork over a couple hundred bucks right away for it, they’ve got it on a wish list. The Wii also looks like fun to them, so I’ve got some gift ideas. Since I’m rolling in scholarship money now, I took it upon myself to pay for a new computer – upgrade their old K6 to a P4 or S64. We’ll see in a day what I can get them for $500.

    I’ll be collecting some under-the-radar games for myself and a few textbooks on graphics programming. I figure that will keep me tied. Hope you’re all doing well for the holidays, and if you’re not, well get your shit together already! raspberry

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