It’s looking like a Green Christmas round these parts

December has been unusually warm this year and we’ve not seen even a hint of a snowflake since the light dusting we got back in November. Looking at the extended forecast we’re currently expecting some rain come Friday and Saturday and perhaps, if we’re lucky, maybe, possibly, hopefully, some snow flurries on Sunday. Nothing that’s expected to drop much in the way of snow, though. Friday’s high is projected to be 45 degrees, though things are supposed to cool down by Saturday.

Granted, this is Michigan and the weather can change within a day or two and surprise you, but right now a white Christmas doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Oh well. One day I’ll be rich and famous and I’ll buy my own snow machine for the yard.

5 thoughts on “It’s looking like a Green Christmas round these parts

  1. The temps looking great for drinking copious amounts of beer here! – 35 today – maybe 38 tomorrow… ah – centigrade did I mention wink

  2. The seasons seem to be slowly shifting here, possibly global warming or something – it’s unusual to get any snow until at least late january, most of it seems to happen in febuary. Last year we had hail stones at some point in march though.

  3. I got a blast of -40 weather for about a week. I’m used to that half the season raspberry… but it’s barely snowed a hint since then (although the rate at which it’s melting away is equally slow).

  4. I can’t stand how the weather people on tv (here in New York) are talking about another “gorgeous” spring-like day. I must admit, I’m not much of a summer, beach person. I’d be perfectly happy living in an igloo, so I’m a bit peeved. But I am also more so concerned about the long-term effects of global warming and the telecaster’s glee is disturbing considering that it’s about 20 degress above normal.

    I can’t help but think of the Twilight Zone episode, “Midnight Sun” where the Earth is hurtling toward the sun and there’s no water left and chaos everywhere. Wonder what the weather people’s moods would be in that situation.

  5. Quoting tony – “I can’t help but think of the Twilight Zone episode, “Midnight Sun” where the Earth is hurtling toward the sun and there’s no water left and chaos everywhere. Wonder what the weather people’s moods would be in that situation”

    Actually I wonder weather earth actually is spiralling into the sun as it orbits, just at a negligable rate because of distance, I’m no astronomer but if there is gravitational attraction between the two and no force being applied in any other direction you would expect it to happen. If so along the same idea the moon should spiral into us. Tangenting a bit more, -As for whether the universe would eventually slow expansion and implode under gravity, well we are observing accelerated expansion meaning there is a net force being exerted outward, so my thought is that there could be isolated areas of antimatter with negative mass, therefore repelling under gravity. You would think collapse would violate entropy but there are ways around it (that black holes use) which I won’t go into because I’m tangenting too much.

    Whether global warming anhilalates all people depends on:
    1) When we run out of oil or stop using carbon feuls, and whether we actively create carbon sinks. If when the oil runs out we simply switch to alcohol feuls like in brasil we will have to pump out more carbon to achieve the same energy release- alcohols are more oxidised than hydrocarbons, as well as that we will be using up a carbon sink albeit sustainably.
    2) How long the CO2 stays in the air coupled with how much warming it does:
    Scenario 1- if it stays too long the warming can spiral out of control as more and more water vapourises (a greenhouse gas itself) and the CO2 producing people dying off won’t be able to slow overall warming, the warming would become self sustaining, and as life dies the ability to fix CO2 into sugars and carbonates falls as plants and plankton die.
    Scenario 2- If it doesn’t stay long then as we warm and CO2 producing people die an equilibrium is reached, humans will have a temperature determined ceiling population

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