I need to land a new job…

… just so I won’t be so damned busy. For not having anything to do in the morning I sure have been a busy beaver as of late. I appreciate you folks tossing a few entries in for me to publish as SEB’s front page would be a little bare otherwise. Hopefully I’ll get back to work and a more regular schedule shortly.

This doesn’t bode well for what life would be like if I won the lotto and didn’t have to work anymore…

5 thoughts on “I need to land a new job…

  1. To be honest, DoF, that doesn’t sound so bad to me (as an individual). I’m sure my SO would prefer I not die as a result of my work, but it’s the way I’d prefer to go out.

    That is, with the exception of playing a practical joke on the mortician.

  2. … or above all, stuck in a hospital connected to a bunch of tubes, spending a half-$mil trying to make life a week longer.

    Hey Les, aren’t we helping you cheer up? raspberry

  3. My friend Sue said that when she retired, she got more busy than ever.
    The timeclock can be good measurement for more than a paycheck.

    I’d sorta like to find out about life after a lottery win, though.

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