Have no fear! Under Dog is here!

A live action Under Dog movie? Whodathunkit? Not me, but it’s true:

Click to embiggen!

As the folks at Ain’t It Cool News point out, if the producers keep that tag line of “One nation. Under dog.” it’ll probably rile up the religious fundies. Which is, of course, just fine with me.

5 thoughts on “Have no fear! Under Dog is here!

  1. if the producers keep that tag

    Even if they don’t officially keep that tag, it’s out there now and it’s gonna stick; that makes me smile.  smile

  2. I don’t think that’s a real poster as the director’s name isn’t matching up with what’s posted on Rotten Tomatoes. I could be wrong though.

    That would be a funny thing watch though: zealots getting upset over a movie that will likely be mediocre.

    Got a decent cast though.

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