Happy Blogiversary to me! SEB is 5 years old today.

I’d almost forgotten, but 5 years ago I sat down and launched this little undertaking with a single entry for the entire month that said absolutely nothing. I couldn’t come up with anything else to say until the following January.

Now it’s a half-decade later and SEB has grown more than I ever expected it would. Had you told me back in 2001 that in five years time there would be over 4500 entries and over 50,000 comments I’d have laughed at the idea that I’d been able to run a blog for five years, let alone any of the other accomplishments. This blog has gotten me invited to be on a news special, introduced me to many people I consider good friends despite never having met them, kept me afloat during my first ever experience with unemployment, and just generally has been one of the better things in my life that I am very proud of. I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who float by here every day to see what idiotic thing I’ve written as of late. You’re what makes it all worthwhile and I am always humbled and flattered that you make this a stop on your rounds.

Now then, I promised a few days back to put up a picture of me showing what I look like with hair and a trimmed up beard as that’s what I had for our Christmas pictures this year. So I fired up the webcam and took the following grainy picture:

Click for a bigger pic!

My, but I am a handsome devil.


28 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to me! SEB is 5 years old today.

  1. I’m waiting for the “I would hit that” comments, except you banned Don.

    Hahah… that was actually very nice. Well done.

    I gotta admit, even though I miss having my beard, you make it look like trim is a damn good thing. Anyhow, you keep finding idiotic stuff to write about and I, your humbly retarded reader, will continue to drop in.

  2. I’m glad you started this thing, Les.
    You and everyone else here, with no exceptions, make me think, question and re-evaluate the things I ‘know’.

    Monkey: What is wisdom? It has little to do with beliefs. These change year by year from person to person. Only one who does not dare give up beliefs because he has no wisdom will insist that others believe as he does. Cleverness learns something, but wisdom gives up some certainty every day.

    Thanks.  smile

    Now if someone could explain

    I’m waiting for the “I would hit that” comments, except you banned Don.

    that’d be good – yes I know Don got band.  wink

  3. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who needs the Don reference explained. I know that “I would hit that” is a vernacular term expressing desire for sexual relations, but apart from that I’m at a loss. Thanks for piping up, John. wink

    Here’s hoping that SEB has many happy returns.

  4. Yes mate – very handsome wink

    Well thanks to you Les …Ive checked out loads of blogs over the last couple of years ive owned a PC and yours is still the only one I get drawn back to daily
    However – before your head gets to large,I think its the black background and white writing – wonderfully easy to read wink – JK ^^

  5. Wow, Les. You look like a decent, upstanding gentleman. I guess looks really can be deceiving. smile


  6. Well, happy anniversary Les. Its hard to believe that its been five years. You should find a new project to commemorate the occasion. After looking through hundreds of entries, I have to say that I would definitely be interested in a book should you ever choose to author one.

  7. Yeah, what Bob said.  You look like you’re in disguise. 

    Congrats on 5 years!  And thank you for hosting a excellent blog that attracts more of the intelligent and literate types out there.

  8. Happy Blogiversary, my friend! 

    I guess I’m in the 5-year camp too… I just looked, and my first entry was on 26 May 2001.  LOL I suppose if I spent as much time on my own blog as I do on yours, I’d have more to say and more members; but hey, all the cool kids hang out here, dammit!

  9. Cool pic, Next time maybe you could wear some Elton John sun glasses from the 70’s, you know those ones that have the fins on the rims, or those glasses that Boner wears with U2. That would look pretty cool.

    Congrats on your sites longevity. I too am often surprised by things like this. But so was George Carlin and his career choice. He just thought he would get up and say a few words in the beginning.

  10. happy blogiversary , man I can hardly believe its been 5 years…I have been lurking and commenting on posts here for that long…damn how time flies. bobosays: 5 years of blogging under the same url and alias is a big deal.

  11. Happy Blogaversary … Blogiversery … Bloggerversery … um, Congrats on Five Years—and eagerly awaiting the next five!

  12. Yours was the first weblog I ever read, and got an understanding of how big a deal the Internet is.
    So many friends I’ve never met.

    Five years is a long time, and we Thank You for being here.

  13. 5 years? My, on the net that means that you’re going to be protected species soon!

    Some net zoning board will probably put restrictions on you soon on how you are allowed to change the style of your blog, so that ‘the original heritage character of this early-net gem can be retained for future generations’.

    *Grin* – Many happy returns!

  14. Happy Anniversary SEB!  And many happy returns!  I just found your site, and now I know what has been missing in my life!  *sigh* I think I’m in LOVE!  Now about that you banned Don thing … *lol*  Love your new picture Cutie!  Take Care!

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