God only knows!

Here is the problem I have with mainstream religion in a nutshell.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Judiasm or “The Gospel of Bob!”

You got twenty people in a line and the guy at one end says; “That girl at the other end of the line has a nice smile, pass it on!” The next guys repeats it and so on down the line until the second last person says to the girl; “Your mother wears nice purple pants!

O.K. – So then the girl writes this down and puts the note away!
(With me so far?)

Years later someone finds the note and a great debate erupts about whether “mothers” pants are actually royal blue or some shade of lavender!

This is a good representation of the debate going on now about the role of Judas in the Bible.

The story was handed down in verbal form for a few generations before it was finally written down about 1700 years ago. (300 years AFTER Jesus)

Now scholars are picking apart this bastardized version of what happened and debating whether it means Judas was actually a good guy or the betrayer of Jesus.

If they can’t agree on this unchanged written version of Judas how can they lend ANY creedance to the original story that was passed on down the line to the girl with the nice smile?? Explain that, eh!

7 thoughts on “God only knows!

  1. I’ve often been amused by the raw deal Judas got from the xians – they seem not to realise that without his actions, as well as the Jews freeing Barabas (??), xianity wouldn’t be.  LOL

  2. I think the pants are actually pink… Shit I think I missed the point…

    Anyways interesting point Moses.  Oh and BTW, what happened to the signature.  Your… scribe…

  3. No, the pants are actually heliotrope – and that is the point! There is no point, it is all myth, but it is a particular Tribe’s myth, or adopted myth. My God’s better than your God…  LOL
    And, what about that signature?

  4. OMG naked post, great gods pygmies, the sky will fall…
    -takes off fundy costume-
    Very good point, I pondered that al lot, al also wonder how much is added by the writer, as he is the verifier of the words.

  5. Well now, we all know that it is just my OPINION about the Bible, Quran etc. But, I maintain that it has definite merit. Any holy scripture is totally defined by the agenda of the person presenting it!!

    Your ever-questioning scribe;
    Allan W Janssen

  6. The sympathetic to Judas viewpoint I was taught was basically that the crucifixtion was a failed publicity stunt, and that Jesus was going to show everybody (especially the Romans) by getting His Daddy to beat the snot out of them.

    It’s such a PITA when the talent won’t cooperate.

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