Decorate your lawn with an FSM Christmas Light.

So your neighbor has his lawn decked out with all manner of traditional Christmas decorations including one of those obnoxious blow formed plastic light up Nativity scenes and you’re looking for a way to set your display apart from the rest? How about your own Flying Spaghetti Monster light set?

That’s what the folks over at decided to do:

The eyes blink back and forth from red to green. It looks pretty cool. I tried to be as noodletomically correct as possible. In order to make more noodle ends where there weren’t rope terminations, I used electrical tape to block out the light.

Ingredients: 63 feet of lighted rope, a few hundred cable ties, a string of 140 mini-lights, and two spools of 9 gauge wire and some smaller wire.

Best of all they tell you how to make your own!

5 thoughts on “Decorate your lawn with an FSM Christmas Light.

  1. That is seriously cool, so cool that I might actually make one of my own. I’ve got to admit it would be a great conversation starter.

  2. One year I’ll get tired of actually putting lights on the house, and I’ll just throw the whole mess out in the yard.  When people ask me what it is, I’ll tell them it’s a Christmas light rendition of splatter art.

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