Christmas shopping is done. Time to relax and be sick.

Courtney and I just got back from finishing up the last of our Christmas shopping. The stores weren’t quite to the complete madhouse stage yet, but they were close. Now that we’re done I can sit back and really enjoy the Christmas cold that Courtney decided to give me as an early present. She’s been sick most of the week missing her last day of school before the break and not being able to go to her part time job. Right now I’m just suffering from quite a bit of drainage that is making my throat raw, but I’ve seen what the future holds in the next couple of days and it’s going to be soooo much fun… no, not really.

So I’m kicking back and drinking some apple juice and loading up on OTC cold remedies. I’m hoping the worst of it will hold off until after we get through Christmas Eve/Day because I’ve got a lot of driving to do in the coming 48 hours or so. Plus it’s no fun getting Christmas goodies and then being too sick to play with them, ya know?

4 thoughts on “Christmas shopping is done. Time to relax and be sick.

  1. Stay warm and eat lots of fruit / drink lots of fruit juice (not the concentrated kind, choose stuff that actually has some surviving vitammins!).

    And have a good christmas too, you and your family!

    I’ll be enjoying Half Life 2: Episode One as part of mine. Hope you enjoy your new toys.

  2. Dang, Les, are we living in parallel or what?  After Elwed and the little one spent the week with a cold, I got home early from work on Friday … and promptly felt the storm front moving into my sinuses.

    It’s letting down your guard that does it, y’know.  We should never do that.

  3. Me too!!!  We must be triplets.

    I thought I had dodged that cold that my partner had for the last week.  But now he’s feeling much better, and I’m coughing constantly and my throat’s pretty sore.

    Yup…just in time for my 11 days off.  Timing couldn’t be better.

    Oh well, it’s just a cold.  Happy Holidays to you all. Best wishes for the new year.

  4. Well you’re having a better holiday than I am. My asshole father has ruined Christmas yet again. Every fucking year he turns into an asshole and manages to come up with the dumbest arguments ever. For example: we are planning Christmas breakfast and we were going for something simple and easy to make and clean up. So eggs and toast was suggested. He seriously started to argue that we should have pancakes instead and declared “what’s the difference between toast and pancakes”). So somehow toast and pancakes are the same thing (both somehow take the same time to make and make the same amount of mess to cleanup despite the fact that toast requires a self contained toaster and pancakes require a mixing bowl, griddle, etc.) and anyone who disagrees with him is attacking him and I can come up with dozens of these arguments from just the last two days alone. 🙁

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