A very Merry SEB Christmas to you!

Melvin the Christmas cat says…

I’m still wrestlin’ with this cold so posting will continue to be light for the next day or two, but I haven’t forgotten to work on the new templates and I hope to have something usable soon. Will be spending most of today with family trying to not spread this cold to anyone else and probably failing as I’ve already infected two other people in the house. It’s the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

More later including a loot report once my strength returns.

10 thoughts on “A very Merry SEB Christmas to you!

  1. Same here, Les—I’m fixing to infect a whole ‘nother branch of the family soon.  All in all, I think Elwed’s happy with his Swiss Army USB Knife, and I’m just glad we’re not iced in or anything.

    Happy holidays, all!

  2. Best gift so far? Apart from the Syd Barret documentary my brother William gave me, it’d have to be the genuine Turkish hookah given to us by John’s father. It was completely unexpected and more than a little unnecessary, but looking at it now I’m not sure how I could have ever managed without it. If nothing else it will make a great conversation-starter.

  3. One loot report I got says that a certain book went from you to your mom.  The Amazon Wish List is a wonderful invention.

    Please don’t share any germs over the ‘Net.  We here are healthy and happy, and would like to stay just that way.

    I’ll now be doing a tab and Google to see what a “genuine Turkish hookah” is.

  4. Merry Christmas Les and everyone at SEB, I highly recommend “Oscillococcinum” for colds. It’s from France. It does seem to help get over colds faster.
    I have seen it at most pharmacy’s. I have had to work during Holiday’s. Since I cannot stand to sit for more than a day or two it’s probably for the best.

  5. Man, apparantly giving sicknesses for Christmas is popular.  My girlfriends entire family, including the extended family all got a virus they caught from the youngest family member (my girlfriend’s 1yr old nephew).  Apparantly since 1AM today everyone has been puking and puking.  It took about 12 hours before anyone started feeling better.

    It certainly justified my decision not to spend Christmas with her…

  6. Dude, your cat looks alot like mine. I should share pics. Give me a day or two to have them up and links posted. His name is “Timothy”. I call him, in lieu of a more apt title, “Satan’s Kitty”.

    – “Disclaimer” I don’t believe in “Satan”, although I do believe in the concepts of “Evil”, “Neutral” and “Good”. See “Mother Theresa” or “St. Francis of Assisi” (albiet he was a “reluctant” saint, even if Catholic, he still did good for the world)  for an example of “Good”, “Hermann Goebels” or “Albert Eichmann” for an example of “Evil” and “Albert Einstein”  or “Thomas Jefferson” as examples of “Neutral”.

    Further Disclaimer: I am an Agnostic, not complete or direct Atheist (I do not, however, believe in God, as how the “CHURCH” teaches “Him/Her/It” to be, although I highly enjoy Les and encourage his works. He shines some truth onto the darkness and obscurity that is organized religion.

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