15 Shopping Days till Christmas Open Thread.

Been busy this week getting the unemployment up and running again and taking care of other just-laid-off business. Alas while I will be getting the maximum payout allowed I’ll only be getting 18 weeks worth instead of the usual 24 so that puts me under even more pressure to find something new to do ASAP. I’m hoping that January will bring with it lots of potential jobs seeing as most places aren’t going to be hiring just before Christmas.

As a result I’m way behind on my blog reading and news watching so I’ve got little to nothing to write about at the moment. If I come across anything of note during the day today I’ll whip out an entry, but for now consider this an Open Pre-Holiday Thread. Hopefully your Yuletide preparations are going much more smoothly than mine are.

Oh, and I want to take a moment to thank the three people who generously donated a little money via the PayPal link in the sidebar. At the moment my plan is to use that to keep the web hosting bill paid and I very much appreciate the help.

15 thoughts on “15 Shopping Days till Christmas Open Thread.

  1. Well, I myself have not done a lick of shopping.  But since I get paid on the 15th, I think I’ll start then.

    Les, I was planning on getting something from your Wish List, but if you’d rather have some fundage, then I could do that instead?

    I know you don’t live anywher near Silicon Valley, but Bay Area Help Wanted has a bunch of remote technical jobs.  Also, Craigslist jobs section.

  2. Les, I’d love to send you some more money but I’m having some problems of my own right now. Maybe Santa will leave me something green for Christmas and I can pass a little on.

    Needless to say, but I hope things turn around in a spectacular way for you. I hate that you got laid off again.

  3. Jeffercine, in all honesty I’d love to have something off my wish list.

    Brock, don’t sweat it. I’m not sitting here expecting that folks will donate, as you recall I put up the links reluctantly the first time around, but I do appreciate it when folks do donate so I wanted to thank them. I’m just happy folks hang around SEB at all. grin

  4. Aside from cash and prizes, I could always donate a little server space if you need it for remote storage. I have about twelve web sites on my plan and I’m using a little over 1% of the space and even less of my bandwidth.

  5. Best of luck to you. Note that January is not the month of hiring. January is the month of employment saturation, the hired for Christmas crowd that hasn’t quit, or “turned over” yet. December, while not that great a month for job seeking, is much better than January.

    You couldn’t get me to work a “real job” again if you paid me, but that’s what I remember from that soul-sucking world.

    Again, good luck.


  6. I can’t get myself over the desire for a Wii. Everyone I know either has one or wants one, but nobody wants to make a commitment to Twilight Princess or any of the items in the Wii-arcade (including the infamous Mario RPG I expect around the corner shortly).

    Course there’s a lot of great games worth collecting this year. It may be in the summer before I can afforrd the time or money to pick any up.

  7. i got my shopping done for my 2 kids, which is unusual for me. i never knew whether atheists celebrate christmas or not, i decided a long time ago to keep celebrating christmas even though i have no religious beliefs, it is more of a tradition.

  8. jory:
    i never knew whether atheists celebrate christmas or not, i decided a long time ago to keep celebrating christmas even though i have no religious beliefs, it is more of a tradition.

    same here.  we are getting our tree tonight.  we also started a yearly holiday party a few years ago.  we have our chritmas tree, a menorah, and our yule log from last years tree.  we decorate the yule log, parade it around the house, light the menorah, then play christmas songs on our piano.

  9. We decorate an xmas tree, with a flying pig on top, and exchange gifts on christmas eve. On xmas day we just play with our new toys, we don’t have a special meal on xmas day.  My folks are liberal christians. Christian never stuck on me while I was growing up, so I never cared about the christ part of christmas.  Hell, when I was growing up, the christmas tree had a disco ball sort of thing on top, not an angel.

  10. jory, discount stores like x-mart and some supermarkets sell plastic electric Menorah.  You can get more traditional menorah candelabras from amazon.com or from anymenorah.com

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