Yet Another Internet Addiction

Play Line Rider:

Found by my friend at Harikari:

I have a seven-year old son who introduced me to it, and he’s been at it for hours.  He of course provides his own sound effects for every bump and crash that is endured by the poor passenger on the sled.

After you’ve played with it for a while, go here to see what people who have way too much spare time can do with it.


9 thoughts on “Yet Another Internet Addiction

  1. Be sure to watch the video linked to in the quoted section. The game is simple and amusing for a few minutes, but I’d never thought that I could move the drawing area to add more and what the guy in the video comes up with is amazing, especially if you’ve spent just a few minutes playing with the game.

    Good find, RD!

  2. That could get addicting, I’m already playing World of Warcraft and I don;t need another wink

  3. Pretty stupid. Just a white background with a single small black line.

    What I mean is, it doesn’t work with linux firefox with the latest flash. And the comments are disabled. So I’m ranting here instead, because you recommended it.


  4. This game is pretty cute.  Yes, some people have too much time on their hands.

    Pretty stupid. Just a white background with a single small black line.

    And what’s a white background with a lot of small black lines?  The Bible.  And Newton’s Principia.  And Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume.

  5. Hey, LJ, you know how it is- we atheists claim to not believe in God.  However, in our hearts we know the Bible is true, but just don’t want to give up our lives of sin…

  6. Bob,

    I just tried it on a FC6 machine under Firefox using the most recent Flash. 

    I had no problems.  You might want to check your flash installation at the macromedia site.  I also have access to FC4 and FC5 machines, but I see no reason off-hand that it shouldn’t work there.

    You’re almost as bad as watching TBN where *everything*, no matter how trivial, is about religion. smile

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