Weather is crappy, but it’s still a good morning…

…considering how well the elections appear to have gone last night. Democrats back in control of the House and quite possibly the Senate depending on how the final tallies in Montana and Virginia turn out. Dick DeVos’s bid for Michigan Governor has failed and the Michigan House is under Democratic control as well. Disappointed that Proposal 2 here in Michigan, which puts restrictions on Affirmative Action, managed to pass, but very happy to see that the amendment to the state constitution limiting the use of Eminent Domain succeeded by a wide margin. Bummed that Joe Liberman managed to get reelected, but delighted as I can be that Rick Santorum is out. Lastly Democrats manage to gain the majority of Governor jobs in the country.

So not a perfect night, but still worth being quite pleased this morning. And if the Dem’s manage to win the Montana and Vermont races it’ll just be that much sweeter by the end.

Update: Edited to change “Vermont” to “Virginia” seeing as I got them confused earlier.

7 thoughts on “Weather is crappy, but it’s still a good morning…

  1. I didn’t wake up to it… I stayed awake until most of the results were in. Well, it helps that I’m on the West coast. grin But, it didn’t help that my kid woke me up at 5AM. 🙁

  2. I’m pretty pissed at proposal 2 passing. I had to listen to my racist, hate mongering father talk about how you should vote yes cause the ‘spics’ and ‘niggers’ keep the rest of us from getting jobs. Hell, the guy thinks that I couldn’t get into the graduate school I wanted because they gave my place to some Mexican instead of his bullshit being what cost me my graduate school funding.

  3. Prop 2 was interesting, and I am curious as to why it didn’t pass.

    I attended MSU for a year, and I had heard stories about that AA thing going both ways in the news and around campus. There were alot of angry parents saying “Our kids are better qualified, and you just up and GAVE the spot to someone less qualified just because they happen to be African-American/Asian/Native American/etc, etc.?”

    And then there were alot of minority students who were trying to get in but couldn’t, due to the deluge of white kids who appeared to be give preferential treatment (and in some cases were, due to some bad apples in the school admissions office), so they were filing petitions and law suits.

    Now granted, this was back in like 1995, so I don’t know how the situation has been since then.
    I just try to remember, some people view affirmative action as reverse racism/discrimination.

    Personally, I think whomever is proven most qualified academically should get the spots, period, but that is my opinion, grain of salt, etc.

    Disclaimer – I am of Native American/Welsh (father’s side), German/Irish (mother’s side) heritage and have an African-American uncle, so I’ve dealt with a lot of issues when I was growing up because of my skin tone, dark eyes and straight black hair. Now that I am an adult, not so much, although sometimes I do get the odd stare (especially during the summer when the red tones shine in my hair and my skin gets kind of dark).
    My wife loves it all though smile

  4. Rick Santorum is out

    he came ‘out’ too?  oh, he’s out of the office, not the closet.  wink  thank gawd.  he is such a bigoted ass wipe.

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