U.S. soldiers winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.

This sort of thing isn’t going to help us one little bit…

And I’m sure this helps even less…

Found via Boing Boing.

27 thoughts on “U.S. soldiers winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.

  1. I thought the first one was bad. Someone may have died because of the second one.

    Soldiers are trained to become less human, and more machine. Most people could not kill without this training. What soldiers are asked to do is not something that a human can do. They essentially become big, 11 year old bullies with guns and tanks.

  2. I couldn’t see the first one, but the second one made me feel very sad to be an American.  Why is this sort of stuff not being widely broadcast, like the OJ media event?

  3. I’ll take DOFs word for it and not even try.

    If this is the kind of video that I suspect it is, there’s a simple answer why it’s almost certainly not broadcast in the U.S.:


  4. For those of you who for some reason can’t see the videos, the first is footage of soldiers in a army truck enticing a group of kids to chase them down the street by proffering up a bottle of water. One kid runs after the truck pretty much non-stop through the whole video clip until the soldiers finally toss the water bottle onto the ground where a bunch of other kids nearby immediately grab it.

    The second video clip shows a U.S. tank crushing the car of an Iraqi man who had looted some firewood. One soldier explains to the camera crew that “The men don’t understand so we’re going to take their car and crush it. That’s what you get when you loot.” The Iraqi man tells the film crew later that he’s a taxi driver and the car was his only means of earning a living.

    My first question was: If the men don’t understand then how is crushing their car teaching them anything other than to hate American soldiers?

  5. What’s even more sickening is the story my friend that was a Marine in Iraq was telling me of how there were Marines that would throw out candy to children as they drove by in a convey, but would wait to throw the candy for a convey to come the other way, to see if the children would get hit.  Pretty fucked up shit for sure.

    And yea just a couple great examples of how we are winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis huh Bush?

  6. Thanks, Les. It’s certainly a way to win their hearts and minds, except it’s not for a cause friendly to the U.S….

    That kind of footage would not help boost support for Enduring Oil Flow or whatever fancy name the Iraqi occupation goes under these days.

  7. Anyone who has never been in a war will never be able to understand why these soldiers could do things like that.

    That of course doesn’t condone this crap. I find taunting dehydrated children with water to be utterly reprehensible. But then, so is this war.

  8. TS is right – stuff like this will happen in any war and should be part of the calculation of whether to go to war or not.  Of course you try to limit it, and prosecute the worst cases, but it will happen.

    Not necessary to ‘understand’ it to take it into account in the war-decision. War debases the humanity of everyone involved; even ‘righteous’ wars, even ‘good’ people.

  9. Spot-on, decrepitoldfool!  Mind you, I wouldn’t want to force my beliefs on anyone.  But making Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer” mandatory reading for everyone above the age of ten doesn’t seem like such a bad idea sometimes…

  10. DOF: War debases the humanity of everyone involved; even ‘righteous’ wars, even ‘good’ people.

    Thanks for putting those in quotes.  I’m still convincd that war is one of the greatest evils that we can commit as a species.  If we’re willing to wage war, we shouldn’t be surprised when some of those who perpretrate the evil start behaving badly.  Vids like this certainly don’t play well on the evening news since we like to think all our troops are heroes, but the truth is that there are always going to be some assholes in the ranks.

  11. I’m still waiting for one single Republican to admit that going to war in Iraq was a bad idea.

  12. I have a bad habit of shrugging things off…but these are pretty fucked up. I’m a little disturbed.

  13. I’m still waiting for one single Republican to admit that going to war in Iraq was a bad idea.

    Must get ears checked Kemosahbee.

  14. I’m still waiting for one single Republican to admit that going to war in Iraq was a bad idea.

    Must get ears checked Kemosahbee.

    I think Zilch meant … someone in power … other than you.  wink
    All joking aside Consi, I think you would agree the soldiers were just being Cunts.
    I hope someone hauls them over the coals for adding to the disquiet.
    They shouldn’t be surprised if some of the kids’ fathers got together and …

  15. I’m still waiting for one single Republican to admit that going to war in Iraq was a bad idea.

    Well, Zilch, I don’t qualify as a Republican, but I do trend conservative in many areas and the one that most conflicts with the norm here at SEB is the “War On Terror” (I hate that fucking phrase, though.)

    Unfortunately, I don’t think going to war in Iraq was a mistake. I think going in under the pretense of WOMDs was a HUGE FUCKING mistake, and everything that’s happened there since the conclusion of the actual war and the capture of Saddam has been a complete and utter disaster.

    I still believe that going in and taking out Saddam and allowing a democracy to take over was a good idea and that, if we had handled the aftermath properly, it would have been good for the Iraqi people. I still think they’re better off free than living under Saddam’s thumb but I think our departure is long overdue.

    As a point of interest, it’s relatively common knowledge that I supported Bush in the last election, but some of you might be relieved to here that all most all of my voted in the latest election went to the Democratic party and at this point I’m leaning Democratic in ‘08. And I’m predicting now that Gore will be the Democratic nominee.

  16. how will the neo-cons spin it to blame the librool pinko commies?

    One blogger of my acquaintence spins it this way: the anti-war movement “worried us into abandoning Vietnam to communist oppression”.  Substitute the word “Iraq” and you’ll have the new spin.

    What picture you see depends an awful lot on what frame you put it in.

  17. It was never about ‘democracy’. The US has a track record of helping overthrow democracies which don’t lean State-ways, supporting the brutal dictator, turning a blind eye to the massacres, and only trying to get rid of them when they are an obstruction.

  18. The US supported both sides of the Iraq-Iran war years ago, maybe to take pressure off itself by weakening two rivals, maybe to drive arms trade, get better oil deals or somehow gain in some way from the chaos, even if only to see if their weapons worked or to reduce the number of soldiers they had to pay wages +pension to by killin’ em. Either way they were supporting brutal dictators for their own benefit.

    In the recent iraq war, I agree, saddam was in the way, and beyond his control his premiership was to end one way or another because of an american decision

    The US has done Iran a big favour by removing a major rival and being too over-stretched to do much about it, even if they were to get further public support.

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