True Bible Decoders up to guess number 16 and still counting!

Thought I’d see how our friends at The Lords’ Witnesses and the True Bible Code were doing these days as I was curious about whether they’d given up making predictions about the U.N. Plaza in New York being destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Nope. They’re still guessing away, just as I expected. Their current prediction is: The UN in Midtown Manhattan will be hit by a sea borne dirty bomb or nuclear bomb on or before 2006Chislev20 (before Sundown Friday December 15th).

On the plus side, these loons have stopped sending out press releases several guesses back, but I suspect they’ll continue to keep pushing the date back until someone finally has them committed to a mental facility.

9 thoughts on “True Bible Decoders up to guess number 16 and still counting!

  1. Sixteen already?!?  Well, I guess I was wrong with my idea of twelve, like the last supper.  Or thirteen, like the last supper.  Or fourteen, like the last supper with Mary Magdalene included.  Or fifteen, like the last supper with Mary M and Rufus included.

    Dammit, it’s hard out here for a prophet.

  2. Sadie: You know something? It’s almost as if they want New York to get bombed!

    I’m imagining that eventually they’ll become so incensed with their failures they’ll go to the next step.
    Well if the Muslims won’t do it we’ll do it ourselves then those disbelievers will stop laughing at us.

  3. You notice a trend here ? The predicted date range that these kooks use is getting longer and longer. At first it was going to happen on a specific day, then a specific weekend. That extended to a week or so. Now they are predicting sometime in the next month. What’s next ? In the next 10 years ?

    I will give them this much – they sure do persevere, despite a single shred of evidence.  Sigh, to quote the great Jimmy Buffett – There are Fruitcakes all around us.

  4. Why don’t they just do what psychics do, and predict something that will obviously happen. For example, I predict a tragedy within the next year that will change the world.

    What are they getting from all this nonsense? Maybe they’re trying to be comedians?

  5. I predict that during the next Thorsblot the U.N building will be struck mightily by an extremely fast moving hammer. Several chunks of masonry are likely to shatter and fall to the pavement below. three diplomats from “third world” nations will be hospitalized and a group of mimes will be killed instantly.
        A “G—-” search of Thorsblot turns up S.E.B. as the fourth hit which shows just how little there is on the web about it.
        Mimes are secretly planning to start World Annoy III. Expect heavy casualties.
        Why am I awake at 3:45 in the a.m.?

  6. I don’t know what is more tragic: The fact that religious loonies actualy belive this stuff, or the fact that those 10 seconds spend reading it are gone forever…

  7. The really sad thing about this crazy group is that their actions do have a rather negative effect on others around them. I use to work with one of the idiot who is heavily involved with the cryptic deciphering of the so called Bible code. Everything was either a sign from God, or a massive conspiracy by the UN to take over the world. It got so bad that I quit and found work else where. People are free to believe what they want, but that freedom does not extend to forcing their twisted views on others around them.

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