Today we meet on the field of battle.

Not much posting today as I’m attending a friend’s LAN party. There will be much blood spilled, yes indeed. I have my “Who’s you daddy?” shirt on, though I am missing my gaming fez.

10 thoughts on “Today we meet on the field of battle.

  1. The only pics I have of me with my gaming fez on also have me sitting at my computer without a shirt and that’s just not a sight most folks need to see.

  2. Les, does the little metal-looking symbol on the front of the hat have any particular meaning/relevance?

  3. It’s just a buckle. Typical of the sort found on hands hats supposedly worn by the Pilgrims.

    Thanksgiving is this week ya know. This is the best I could come up with. I should probably add a turkey or something to it.

  4. With a few minor exceptions this site could almost pass as Amish, With thy hat, and thy beard,

    I bid thee a great week of remembering how thankful thou art friend Les.

    This is a special festive time for us people of the Sioux.

  5. Paul, you beat me to it … well played by the way.  smile

    I was gonna say: Ah, Thanksgiving – that’s where you give thanks to the savages for giving you a country wealthy in all sorts of things … or
    D’y’all thank god the savages didn’t have real weapons of mass destruction.

    We have a similar thing over here with our Australia Day – our savages call it Invasion Day.
    Of course our predecessors went one better than y’all and called Oz, Terra Nullus which meant uninhabited land cos they didn’t recognise our savages as having a culture of enough high standing to call it a Kultcha in the first place.
    It was Oz’s first experience of the animated spin doctor.

    I am but one voice.
    Don’t worry – I do the same thing over here – try and wake people up to the iniquities we have caused but many of my countrymen are rather thick and blame the humble savage for his lot in life.
    History is written by the victorious over the vanquished.
    It’s a tiring job – having a conscience.

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