Today is picture day. Redux.

Just a quick post to check in after the madness that was Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Thanksgiving went very well. Almost the whole family was present and much turkey was consumed. The pies didn’t turn out perfect, but most folks didn’t seem to mind. Most of the afternoon was spent in a food coma, though I did manage to get a few blog posts up later in the evening.

My first Black Friday experience was very interesting. Anne and I only made it to one store, Best Buy, and we got up at 4AM to do it. We were hoping to land one of the $189 emachines they were selling as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law who’s PC is damn near 10 years old now (the sticker on the front says it’s perfect for Windows 98/NT). The store handed out tickets for the limited number of machines they had to folks in line and so they were gone before the store even opened. Some folks had apparently been camping out in line since Wednesday! When we got there about 20 minutes to 5AM the line stretched down past the Pet Smart storefront, down the side of the building and back up again. Best Buy always seems to be busy anyways, but this was an amazing sight to see. They managed to cram us all into the store, however, and we managed to pick up at least five other items we’d been hoping to nab for Christmas presents while we were there. Then came the long checkout line wait, which was actually a lot longer than the time we spent waiting to get in. In all we were there for an hour and a half or so and walked out saving quite a few bucks on Christmas gifts.

We considered going by Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target, but those places looked to be just as insane as Best Buy was so we stopped and got some breakfast at the local Big Boy and then went home and crawled back into bed for a few hours. When we got up we noticed that was having a Black Friday sale of sorts and so we spent some more money getting yet more Christmas gifts on sale. In all I’d say we managed to knock out about half our gift list yesterday so I’m quite pleased with how things went.

Today we’ll be going to Sears to have our Christmas pictures taken. I had mentioned previously we had scheduled a time with a photo company inside a local WalMarts, but they called us the day of the pictures and told us that their equipment wasn’t working and they’d need to reschedule us. The soonest they could get us back in, however, was just before Christmas and we were hoping to send things out with the Christmas cards. So we looked around and found that Sears could squeeze us in today at 5PM. So my hair is cut and beard is trimmed, Anne and Courtney have been by the hair shop to have theirs done up nicely, and we’ll be primping lightly so we look halfway decent in our pictures. It’s going to cost us quite a bit more than we’d originally planned on, but we’ll have them in time for Christmas cards.

So that’s what we’ve been up to. How was your guys’ holiday?

5 thoughts on “Today is picture day. Redux.

  1. No one here got excited over Black Friday, but my Mom wanted to take me out cloth shopping.  I can’t resist getting clothes that I don’t have to pay for (I’m a poor grad student).  My Mom and I saved about $130 on $230 worth of clothes and only spent about an hour and a half.  Not bad says I!

    But I heard from a friend that got up at 3:00AM, that the Best Buy in Kankakee had a checkout line that snaked around the entire interior of the store.  But more insane than that is that even with all those people in line and being that it was insanely long, it still only took 45 minutes to get through.


    While we are on presents etc, could you email me- I have a proposition for you.  Unfortunately it doesn’t involve Sadie an a bath of whipped cream, but I want to put something to you.

  3. Hmm…lets see I worked 12 hours of OT on Thursday $$$$ and did a little shopping on Friday pretty darn uneventful but the mall was absoluetly PACKED.

  4. I managed to get the last roaster oven at the second Kohl’s I hit.  Picked up some dvd’s at Frys.  As I mentioned in the black Friday thread, I already did my Best Buy shopping online Thursday morn.  I did swing by to see if I could get a 100pk of DVD-Rs for $5, but they were out by 10 am. 

    Fry’s had a good deal on a loaded dual core laptop for about a grand, but I might match or beat it with a 12% employee discount, and a 25% off code for Dell I found. 

    Black Friday for me is not about the doorbusters.  I learned Les’ lesson a few years ago.  Basically, if it’s on the front page of the flyer, camp out or forget it.  Although, since BB sold online this year, I’m going to be at the keyboard the midnight before Thanksgiving next year.

  5. I worked twelve hours on Thursday and then sixteen hours on Friday.  On my way to work I drive past Great Lakes Mall and at 6:30AM on friday the parking lots were insane.  I hate shopping so I’m glad I worked.

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