The trick to successful blogging is being topical.

Email I got tonight from my real life friend JethricOne:

    From: JethricOne
    To: Les Jenkins
    Date: 8:19 PM
    Subject: You suck….

    Okay, it’s nice that you have a website of your own.

    It’s interesting that the words “stupid” “evil” and “bastard” are all top-10 hits.

    But dude…I was searching for “World of Warcraft 2.0” and you were number FIVE.

    I can only conclude that you have sold your soul for link placement. smile


9 thoughts on “The trick to successful blogging is being topical.

  1. Re-activating this thread to say
    Thanks to Les- I made his Blog Roll.
    Thanks to LJ for support and error spotting in the ‘Gospel according to Joe’

    Les- a few weeks ago you were bitching about people nicking your bandwidth with the way they linked.  If I do this with a post let me know- it will be cock-up not conspiracy on my part. (I don’t think I will do the sort of thing that would, even if I can, but just in case!)

  2. LH, the issue I was bitching about was hotlinking to images instead of downloading them and uploading them onto your own server. Just linking to various entries on my site isn’t a probem.

    KPG, I thought I’d added you to my blogroll, but now I see that I haven’t. I’ll fix that.

  3. hotlinking

    Is that like using you as an intermediary, so when they click the link on mine, they actually open through yours? What about “Here’s a funny video” {SEB/funnyvideothread} – i.e link to the thread you have it embedded in, rather than the link itself.

    Congrats, LH, that’s a feat I’ve yet to acomplish

    Look, frankly what’s the point of being Lord High Arch Pope of anything if you don’t get a few favours from the imaginary sky daddy in question. RHIP. LOL  LOL  LOL

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