The Iraqi’s want us out within a year’s time.

If this poll by World Public Opinion is correct the Iraqi’s have had enough of us and want us to get the hell out of their country:

Eight out of ten Shias in Baghdad (80%) say they want foreign forces to leave within a year (72% of Shias in the rest of the country), according to a poll conducted by World Public Opinion in September. None of the Shias polled in Baghdad want U.S.-led troops to be reduced only “as the security situation improves,” a sharp decline from January, when 57 percent of the Shias polled by WPO in the capital city preferred an open-ended U.S presence.

This brings Baghdad Shias in line with the rest of the country. Seven out of ten Iraqis overall—including both the Shia majority (74%) and the Sunni minority (91%)—say they want the United States to leave within a year.

Nonetheless, the number of Shias in Baghdad who fear an upsurge in violence if U.S. troops withdraw within too short a time span has risen a dramatic 52 points since the beginning of the year. Six out of ten Shias in Iraq’s capital city (59%) believe that sect-on-sect killings would rise in the event of a speedy U.S. withdrawal. This view contrasts with that of Shias in the rest of Iraq, where a majority (64%) thinks such violence would decline if U.S. troops departed in six months.

Fewer than one in ten Iraqis (9%) believe foreign forces should only be reduced “as the security situation improves,” a drop of 20 points since January. Support for this option has fallen especially steeply among Shias (from 29% to 5%) and Kurds (57% to 31%).

Nearly all Sunnis also oppose the indefinite presence of foreign forces (2% in favor). But while a majority of Sunnis (57%) still prefer that U.S.-led troops leave within six months, that percentage has declined 26 points since January when 83 percent wanted foreign forces out within half a year.

“Iraqis (whether Sunnis or Shiites) want the U.S. out of Iraq, because after the regime’s removal (which they applaud) it has only brought chaos,” said Joost Hiltermann, the Middle East Project Director for the International Crisis Group, a non-profit that studies global conflict. “But they also know that the U.S., for all its blunders, is still keeping the army together and is serving as a buffer between Shiite militias (Badr and Mahdi), so a precipitous departure could spell disaster for the country.”

Congratulations, Mr. President. Your cluster fuck in Iraq has gotten so bad that the Iraqi’s would rather face the prospect of an all-out civil war and higher sect-on-sect violence than to have us try fix things any further. Worse yet the number of people who actually approve of the attacks on our forces is growing thanks to your total incompetence:

At the same time, the number of Shias who approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces has jumped 24 points. In January, about a third of Shias (36%) polled in Baghdad expressed approval of such assaults. By September, the proportion of Shias in Baghdad saying they approved of striking American-led forces had risen to 60 percent. In the rest of the country, Shia support for attacking foreign troops rose 20 points, from 43 percent to 63 percent.

Most Shias in Baghdad (83%) think that the United States plans to keep troops in Iraq permanently, which suggests that they see insurgents as battling a long-term occupation and may explain why they approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces even though they do not support an immediate withdrawal. This view is somewhat less common among Shias outside of Baghdad (69%).

Telhami called the increase in support for attacks on U.S.-led forces disturbing, adding that he has found similar trends in polls he has conducted in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

“What’s most troubling is that the United States is not only seen in a negative light but as an enemy,” Telhami said. “When asked to name the two countries that pose the greatest threat, the vast majority, about 80 percent, name the United States and Israel.”

I was pretty firmly of the opinion that we broke Iraq so we should really try to stick around and fix it, but if they’re telling us to get the fuck out and there’s growing support for more attacks against our troops until we do get the fuck out then I say we should get the fuck out. We shouldn’t be where we aren’t wanted and it’s pretty clear we aren’t wanted in Iraq.

Good job on that whole “winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi’s” plan you came up with Mr. President. You’re doing a heckuva job, Bushie.

8 thoughts on “The Iraqi’s want us out within a year’s time.

  1. Well, it had to come to this.
    My first brother said last night he felt sorry for all the ‘allied’ soldiers who’d been physically damaged by their Iraq experience.
    I said I felt sorrier for those who’d been psychologically damaged.
    There’s no prosthetic for a mind fuck.
    And it’ll get much worse before the full retreat.  downer

    AND, Vietnam dodging coward, Bull$hit refers to it as a comma.  sick

  2. By the way Les, when did you start the Stupid Evil Quotes?
    Jeez, I hope it was recently as I’ve never noticed them before.
    By the way, I like them; I like quotes.

    Philip G. Hamerton: Have you ever observed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted than when we read it in the original author?

    Fred Allen: Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns; he should be drawn and quoted.

  3. By the way Les, when did you start the Stupid Evil Quotes?

    I’ve been here for a little over a year now, and they’ve been here before. I forget when I stopped seeing them, but I’m glad they’ve returned!

  4. As Sadie said they’ve come and gone over time. I use a small PHP script to pull them from a file and when the site was having issues I took it out to try and ascertain if it was the cause of the problem. Now that we seem to be running fairly smoothly I thought I’d bring them back.

  5. LJ:

    I’ve become a fan of an Australian singer with a pretty voice.  Not only is she not hysterical or angry in her response, but the response appears to be truly heartfelt.

  6. That got me a bit teary. Memories, and patriotism.
    The girls who entertained us would all be rather matronly now.  wink

    Like her I support our troops, unconditionally … from experience I know what it’s like not to have the support of the people.
    She never mentions that she supports our governments’ decisions to be there.
    Nor do I?

    But, you’re right – a beautifully worded and sounding song. Thanks.  smile

  7. I agree completely with Les. We should leave if we’re not welcome.

    I would append that we should give an apology on behalf of the Bu$h administration. That’s what you do when you try to help and you screw up. You apologize for screwing up. Normally, I would say, apologize and offer to make amends, but the making amends part, ie, trying to fix it, IS the problem.

  8. I would append that we should give an apology on behalf of the Bu$h administration.

    Who do you mean by ‘we’?  I see no need for the majority of Americans to apologize for the actions of somebody who they didn’t vote for.  I did not screw up, I voted against Bush both times.

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