Ta Douleur [take 2]

[take 2:  I edited an earlier copy and dropped it off the board, so I’m resubmitting with a current date]

Camille is having a little difficulty getting dressed today. 

Took me a couple of listens, but now I just can’t get enough of it:  Camille:  Ta douleur.  (You’ll need Real Player** for this.) 


**[Ed’s Note: Real Player? ACK! ACK! ACK!]

10 thoughts on “Ta Douleur [take 2]

  1. I clicked on the link. Got a page that required something. Found a .ram in the source, and downloaded it. The .ram file contained a link to a .smil file. The .smil file was a xmlish file that contained a link to two .rm files, which are actual videos. In summary, RDNewman, you don’t get to link anything anymore (just kidding).

    For anyone interested, here is a direct link to the high quality .rm file. If you want low quality, replace “high” with “low” duh.


    That is a neat video. Thanks for the post.

  2. Someof my synapses got it together and I YouTubed Camille – Ta douleur and got this.
    I like that catchy sound and she’s not hard to look at either.
    Of course I have no idea if it’s the same song/instance y’all are spruiking. wink
    And, there’s no reason why she reminds me of the ethereal Björk.

  3. It’s the same artist and song, but its not the produced video which involves some very active crochet work. 

    The song by itself is great and I’m glad you found this concert vid, but you’ll want to see the produced video too.

  4. Thanks RD – I saw that one but I found the live version more explicit in how the sounds were made … and it looks like I wasn’t the first to have Camille remind me of the ethereal Björk.
    I find Camille fascinating too … in a voyeuristic way. wink

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