SEB Safety Tip of the Day: Jesus is slippery when wet.

It’s hard to believe, but true. It’s a lesson this farmer learned the hard way:

Farmer Alipio Acosta climbed up the statue of Jesus in Ocaca, Columbia in front of a crowd of onlookers – and TV cameras – in an attempt to be cured of his epilepsy. Once at the top of the statue, he prayed for a few moments, then started to climb back down.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t planned his descent route terribly well. To add to the problems, it had been raining, which made Jesus quite slippery.

Alipio fell from the statue and bounced a couple of times on the way down fracturing his wrist, hip, and skull in the process. It turns out this isn’t the first time Alipio had climbed onto Jesus in hopes of being cured as the news report says he did the same thing two years ago and managed to get back down without falling. Alipio climbed Jesus again because the first attempt didn’t cure him of his epilepsy. I suppose this is Jesus’ way of saying, “No, I won’t cure you. And quit fucking climbing all over me like a little monkey!”

The news item includes a video clip of dumbass Alipio falling off of Jesus.

7 thoughts on “SEB Safety Tip of the Day: Jesus is slippery when wet.

  1. This is why false hope, even if it is the only hope, is very bad.

    Someone should archive this type of stuff to prove how bad it really is when confronted in argument.

  2. Maybe the third time will be a charm.  Unless he is elderly his hip should be healed enough for another try in about three or four months.

  3. Has he had a seizure since?

    Blows to the head are known to cure brain diseases like epilepsy, depression, and amnesia. At least, that’s how it goes in movies. lol.


  4. If he becomes a quadriplegic but never has another seizure again, will that mean his prayer was answered?

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