PS3Seeker uses Google Maps to find stores selling the PS3.

Chances are if you haven’t already preordered a PS3 that you’re not going to be able to land one on November 17th when it launches here in the U.S., but if you still feel like trying then the folks at PS3Seeker have handily provided you with a means of locating stores that’ll have them. Simple put in your zip code and it’ll use Google Maps to give you a handy display like this:

Click for a bigger version.

As you can see the listings are broken down by stores doing midnight launched (for those really dedicated gamers), stores that will have some in stock, and online auction listings. Clicking any one of them will give you the store and its address along with how many units they expect to have in. This would be incredibly useful if I should happen by some stunning stroke of luck to win the lottery before launch day.

3 thoughts on “PS3Seeker uses Google Maps to find stores selling the PS3.

  1. Now if only I had a spare $600 lying around.  And an HDTV to take advantage of the PS3’s graphics.  So I guess it’s, “Now if only I had a spare $2600 lying around.”

  2. This is what i call an “culturally-inbred use of technology”, and says much about our culture’s bizarro-priorities.

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