Phony “Democratic” Mailer in California

On Saturday, I received 3 political mailers.  Around what I’ve received every other day this last week.  I typically just throw them all away, but one of them caught my attention.  It said “California Democrat Voter Guide”.  Ah ok, I’ll check it out.  I used one like this a while back as a rough guide as to who in the hell is a potentially viable option, or the lesser of 2 evils.  So, the usual suspects are listed, and I thought the state measures guide might be of some use, so I set it aside.

Next mailer: “Your Democratic Voting Guide”  wtf?  I read through, and every political seat choice is the same, except the state measures have different YES/NO options.  Hmm …

3rd mailer:  “Voter Information Guide for Democrats”  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Same people, and yet again different state measure options.

The 4th mailer was from EQ CA.  Excellent.

So, today I find out some oil and tobacco companies got together and created phony ‘Democrat’ mailers and sent them out to the voters of California to try and sway the votes for some of the state measures on the ballot.  It doesn’t surprise me, just pisses me off that they can get away with this.  You would htink this has to be illegal or fraud or something?

Thankfully put out a notice, pictures and a warning to the people on their list.  Here’s the pictures for the California Voters on this list:

Phony Guide:

REAL Guide:

Oh, and for those who were keeping track, the 5th mailer was in Vietnamese.  Sorry, Tiep Nguyen doesn’t live here anymore.  I think she moved to Monterey …

(If you didn’t get that last part, go see the movie.)

6 thoughts on “Phony “Democratic” Mailer in California

  1. Having just moved out of California this surprises me slightly less than if I were to find out that George W. Bush says “Woohoo!” while he’s taking a leak.

  2. This is bullshit and should be illegal.  As should the Robo calls people have been getting.  All this is, is more dirty tricks from the Republicans.

  3. Ah, sure. Dems are pure holy and repubs are pure shit. Got news for you …. if you voted AGAINST Bush instead of FOR anything of any value you’re going to get exactly what you wanted – which could included: higher taxes, more government up your ass, lower income, more welfare for socialist titty sucking scum, and possibly “downsized”. When will you liberal, socialist pukes get a clue that without rich folks like me and barely getting by small business owners willing to risk it all you won’t have your toys anymore? Come on, rip my ass and show your brain power.

    aka Somebody’s Boss

  4. SickDick: rich folks like me

    So how did you get so fucking rich, RichDick?
    Off the backs of fuckwits, that’s how.
    Of course you don’t want liberals in power.
    They might concentrate some of their attention on your opposition; the fuckwits.

    Not for sale or rent to any god or government, and nobody’s slave.

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