More from Jonathan Brandmeier/PaoloJoeJanglyMoronBoy

Latest email exchange with my newest stalker.

    Subject: Re: Hey skank face
    From: Jonathan Brandmeier
    Date: 11:34 AM
    To: Les Jenkins

    Jonathan Brandmeier wrote:
    > The fact is you were caught creating a conversation that never happened between yourself and I to pump you up and you were caught.
    > That makes you a liar and I will finish Emailing your members this evening to let them know what a sniveling little wretch they subscribe to.
    > Your pants are at your knees and now you’re gonna get spanked by the teacher dummy.

    Oooo! I love it when you talk dirty to me! Bring it on, baby! Nothing more fun than a repressed Christian letting it all hang out! Woohoo!


So I suppose you guys can expect some more email today.

20 thoughts on “More from Jonathan Brandmeier/PaoloJoeJanglyMoronBoy

  1. Guess I’ll have to check the junk folder for Paolo Jingy wit it. 

    Unless I’ve already dumped it as spam.

  2. Ah, the Christian-Nazi Agenda of Hate.
    It’s oozing its putrid passion of deciet and anger.

    Help clean it up before it’s too late and stains our national fabric.  Start attending fundamentalist church services and help these lost citizens see their hate.

    Shame them into truth and love.

  3. I consider recieving such hate-emails from the Christian-Nazis a badge of honour!  It’s like being a watch-list in the Third-Reich—it says something about yoour character.

    Again, we really need to confront these Christian-Nazis, at every point of opportunity, that’s the only way we can stop future Haggard’s from decieving and corrupting our young and our national culture.

    Save America from the Hate
    Confront the Christian-Nazis in all their infestations.

  4. wow, this guy gets around.  Here’s from his Google Groups profile:

    Ha, he’s already changed his name in his profile. Now he’s “Free America”

    And I followed some of his recent posts. Same cut and paste shit he sent to Les.

    What a schmuck.

  5. What is an atheist “chruncher?” Is that a bizarre mix of “crunch” and “church”, or did some loser lose his dictionary?


  6. I just checked my Yahoo! account and yippy I haven’t gotten any e-mail there in ages.  I was starting to think no-one cared.  Plus I had a real shitty day at work.  Then Jonathan Brandmeier brightened my day.  I’m still laughing my ass off, he copied me with a bunch of others on the one to Less and sent another separate one addressed to a bunch of people.

    Here is some of the turd:

    The Asshat said:

    That’s the idiot you trust.
    Making up non-existing conversations to fuel his decrepit ego.
    For the real transcription go to Atheism vs Christianity forum.
    Your man of the hour is a hoaxer.
    And you are his sheep.

    In his other e-mail he calls Les “Lessy”.  Man that’s got to be devastating Les.  Take a couple of days to recover from that if you have to.

    Like this is some kind of cult here or something.  OK, whatever, that dude is just plain gone man.  I mean way gone.  I am glad he is that angry, he deserves to be seething right now.  It can’t be healthy.  It might shorten his life.  He needs to hurry up and go to heaven.

  7. Why do people bother with shit like this, Is life so empty for them that they resort to emailing strangers…What a shame…If this person took the same amount of time, and installed into actually helping someone that needs help ( and there are so many !! ) He and them would win today…

  8. He doesn’t want to help anyone. He’s obviously mad at the world for that time the horse kicked him in the head.

  9. Your pants are at your knees and now you’re gonna get spanked by the teacher dummy.

    Christian in gay spanking fantasy- hmm perthams it’s a selection criteria for becoming a Republican in the house- 2 years time he’s elected

  10. I trust everyone got my rebuttal for one of the orginal messages.  Will post the complete transcript but only if he replys.  Might as well not waste my time with echos.

    Speaking of which he seems to be a very busy “Atheist Churcher” based upon his listings.  I should really be a part of some of these forums.  If anyone wishes to join me in debating within his home turf, I will appreciate the assistance.

  11. I got his reply.

    So basically you are little more than another amoral God Hater that cares nothing about truth.
    Thanks for proving that.
    With that being established stay out of my inbox.

    He didn’t even respond to most of my message!  I was stating before about how I don’t care about what he said about Les or what Les said about him, that there were higher principles at stake.  I then went into my usual speech about actively disproving the theory (that is the best way to destroy evolution) and stating that I would help clarify any questions that anyone could have upon the subject.  Heck, I even said that I was neutral to the whole atheist vs religion fling that so many are consumed by.  I just wanted to prevent confusion and to clarify things.  “God Hater”, that’s a new one for me.

    This guy really lyses my cells.  Dang flamer.  Dang copy flamer.  Dag fanatical copy flamer.  ” If Jesus was here, he’d tell it to your face: Man your some kind of sinner.”

  12. I think I am just going to be crass with him. No sense in being logical, it is not his language.


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