Jon Stewart, 5th most powerful person in America

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Robert Reich is a blog I read on a fair few occasions, but this entry has made any occasional meh entries worth reading for this entry.
5 most powerful people in america


6 thoughts on “Jon Stewart, 5th most powerful person in America

  1. I disagree with his number two.  McCain used to be number two, now he is just another White House talking head that can’t think for himself.  He has given into the republican pressure and now just follows the party line.  This is one reason why he won’t win the 08 Presidency and this Presidency will go to a Democrat, if the Dems put up a viable candidate.

    Shit even I would of thought of voting for McCain if he hadn’t become another bitch for the Republicans.  confused A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  2. I too, have noticed Cain’s morphing to a common garden variety of GOP talking head who’s for sale to any big bidder but I’d say hoi polloi still love him as they’re pretty slow to get the obvious.  wink

    As for the others on the list – I’ve never seen any figures as to how many people watch Jon Stewart but I hear he’s pretty popular with Liberals.

  3. Three years ago I too considered voting for McCain were he to have run for anything—remarkable considering that he’s a Republican. Now he’s blown whatever appeal he used to have for me.

    Congrats to Jon Stewart, though!  cheese

  4. Here’s a democrat we should keep an eye on: Tammy Duckworth.  She lost her bid for congress but has a good head on her shoulder and some rather obvious political assets.

    Predictably, the Republicans questioned her patriotism and dunned her for failing to advocate permanency for the decider-in-chief’s tax cuts.

  5. She sounds and looks attractive. Whether she’s got the killer instinct of a politician … I dunno. I think she might be too nice. Having said that, to get through all physical and psychological pain and anguish … she might just be tough enough.

    the Republicans questioned her patriotism

    I can’t believe more noise isn’t made about all the draft dodging bastards in the Bull$hit admin.
    Returned Service men and women have a hard time of it in a way. If you say anything about your service you can be seen as a braggart and if you don’t, nobody knows.
    Putting your life on the line is no small thing.

  6. Umm.. McCain is the “counterweight” to Cheney?  The guy who says we need MORE troops in Iraq is the balance to Darth Cheney?  We’re doomed.

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