I made the B-List much to my surprise.

I’ve got just enough of an ego to wonder how SEB ranks compared to other blogs out there, but not so much that I think we’re particularly popular. Which is why it always comes as a bit of a surprise when I do better than I expected with sites that tell you how popular you are.

B-List Blogger


4 thoughts on “I made the B-List much to my surprise.

  1. Congratulations, Les.  smile
    I agree with IDM cos he sounds like he knows what’s going on.

    Can you tell me what this actually means?

    (100-499 blogs linking in the last 6 months)

    Pardon my ignorance but have I got it right in assuming it means the number of entries/posts you/others have made that we all comment on or is it the comments themselves or something else entirely?  smile

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