“Heroes” gains a new cast member. My wife and daughter will be pleased.

I’m a bit of an outcast in the house at the moment because I’ve failed to become hooked on NBC’s uber-popular show Heroes whereas just about everyone else in the house, including Anne and Courtney, think it’s one of the greatest shows to ever hit television. I think a lot of the reason I haven’t really given it a chance is because of past disappointments with other “superhero” shows that TV has seen in the past. Of the ones that didn’t completely suck or that weren’t actually teen-oriented soap operas in disguise (I’m looking at you Lois and Clark and Smallville) anything I got addicted to ended up being canceled in short order (see: 1985’s Misfits of Science which was admittedly kinda stupid, but fun just the same). There’s also the simple fact that just about anything on NBC that becomes really popular is usually a show I have a low tolerance for such as Friends.

So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that my initial reaction to Heroes was to plan to be doing something else, anything else, when it was airing. Chances are I’d hate it and if I didn’t hate it then chances are it would be canceled. It seems to be doing well, though, and my wife still attempts every so often to convince me to sit down and watch it and the announcement of an upcoming cast addition or two may actually get me to do so.

The first addition that surprised me was word that George Takei—Sulu of original Star Trek—will be added to the cast as the father of one of the Japanese heroes in the show, but that’s not the one that has my interest piqued. No, the addition that has me considering firing up bittorrent to grab the already aired episodes and get caught up is former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston.

All three of us loved Eccleston’s turn as The Doctor and were disappointed when he only did the one season. His addition to the cast of Heroes this January, if true, is certainly enough reason for me to sit down and give the show a shot. For some folks this announcement could prove to be near fatal from fanboy overload, which is, of course, how I found out about it to begin with.

14 thoughts on ““Heroes” gains a new cast member. My wife and daughter will be pleased.

  1. I saw the pilot and first episode after. For whatever reason, I’m not interested. Perhaps I’ll fast-forward through the show once the DVDs are on Netflix.

  2. I have to admit that I find Heroes to be pretty good.  How can you resist Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura?  That character is about as unlikely a superhero there is, but with a solid background in comic books and video gaming, he’s got the superhero work ethic spot on.

    Now, I was OK with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor – and I was just warming up to him when he switched bodies at the end of season 1. Don’t know how he’d impact the heroes mix, though.

  3. I’m with you, Les. I hardly ever watch new TV shows nowadays. I did give this one a chance tho and I’m hooked! I missed the first episode, and one or two others, which usually prevents me from going further, but for some reason I kept watching. I’m hoping for a marathon on sci-fi some day soon.

    Hiro’s my favorite character, he’s just so optimistic, enthusiastic, and “cute” (can a man say that about another man?). tongue rolleye

    Can’t wait to see “Oh my!” Sulu and the Doctor again. Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. I was the same way. I figured it would either suck or be canceled, but I watched it anyway. Every week (with a couple exceptions), I have been left at the end of the show going “OMG! Don’t stop there!! What happens next??? I don’t wanna wait another week! Waaaaaaaa!”

    It’s like someone with a clue about comics snuck into NBC and beat up the programming executives and forced them to air the show and then hypnotized the viewing public into actually watching it. It’s like X-Men without the tights and a bit more “real life”…but not so much real life that you can’t see someone teleport through time or fly or have mutant healing powers… wink

  5. Chris is a brilliant actor and is sure to be a great addition to the case of Heroes (which I’ve been keeping track of via bittorrent).

    I was skeptical at first about Heroes, but it’s quickly grown on me.

  6. I watch a bit of commercial-free ABC and SBS TV in Oz because they’re more likely to have programmes that make me think, but not always.
    I rarely find commercial TV’s stuff thought-provoking but don’t mind people who find it so although it’s probably a more damaging mind-altering drug than the ones in which I prefer to imbibe.
    Escapism is still escapism.

    Frank L Wright: TV is chewing gum for the eyes.

    I’ve just been listening to a one of your countrymen, John Cabot-Zinn, on the radio in an interview, advocating meditation – to come to a non-judgmental awareness of our self.
    There’s sweet fackall about him on the net – he’s not a nethead.

    John Cabot Zinn writes “Guess what? When it comes right down to it, wherever you go, there you are. Whatever you wind up doing, that’s what you’ve wound up doing. Whatever you are thinking right now, that’s what’s on your mind. Whatever has happened to you, it has already happened. The important question is, how are you going to handle it? In other words, “Now what?”

    Good stuff.  smile

  7. Heroes is the best show on the tele (outside of Galactica, Atlantis and Numb3rs) right now. I love this show, because it defies most comic book standards by actually showing these “Heroes” struggling as normal people, most of them unaware or just awakening to what is happening to them. You have some who use their powers for good, some for evil, and some do both (kind of like real people!).

    I find the two most fascinating characters to be Mohinder Suresh and Issac Mendez (the doctor’s son and the painter).

    I am just wondering who decided to play god and manipulate their genetic code…

  8. TV is just interesting enough to leave on, and stupid enough not to be pay too much attention. I watch a lot of Public Broadcast we call it PBS in the US. I do like to watch TV Land. All in the Family, Leave it to Beaver, Gilligan’s Island, I still after 46 years cannot decide Ginger or Mary Ann. But I am leaning towards Ginger, Even though she is like 77 years old. I would be willing to bet that men would still line up around the block to fuck her. Interesting fact about Gilligan’s Island. They started shooting the day JFK was assassinated, Look very close at opening credits ( Pics around Pearl Harbor ) You’ll see the flags are at half staff. And as for “Leave it to Beaver”, I just try to imagine what I would say to that stupid little shit Beaver if I was Ward Cleaver. ” Dammit Beaver, WTF!!! Get your head out of your ass for Christ Sakes ”

  9. I saw the pilot and first episode after. For whatever reason, I’m not interested. Perhaps I’ll fast-forward through the show once the DVDs are on Netflix.

    Fast forward: I’m going through the series on Netflix and it’s sort of growing on me. Too bad it took them more than half of the season to get to the point wink

  10. My daughter just bought season one on DVD using some of her birthday money, I just haven’t gotten around to watching them yet. I will though just to get her off my back about it. grin

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