Halloween 2006: The Aftermath.

I was looking forward to Halloween this year because for the seven previous years that we lived in the apartment the holiday was always a bit of a letdown for me because for some reason kids just didn’t trick or treat in our complex. The first year I lived in the apartment I got really psyched about Halloween because I was going to be handing out candy to hundreds of thousands of trick or treaters dressed in wildly imaginative costumes who gazed with awe upon my awesome jack o’ lantern and marveled at my vegetable carving skills. I went out and bought huge bags of candy in preparation of the event and made sure I had appropriately scary sounds and music on the stereo for when the little tykes came by.

I think, in the end, we had a total of three groups of kids stop by for a grand total of 12 people.

Of which five of them were teenagers who were picking up the next door neighbor’s daughter to go to a Halloween party. I seem to recall screaming out “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS UNHOLY! TAKE SOME FRIGGIN’ CANDY WITH YOU!” as they started toward their car.

So this being the first Halloween we were in an actual house, albeit in my in-laws house, in an actual neighborhood and everything, I felt pretty confident that it would be different. My enthusiasm was tempered by my wife who pointed out that the house is set pretty far back from the road with spooky trees that make it hard to see whether or not the porch light is on. We’d get some trick or treaters, she said, but not tons. Still, I thought, it should beat the hell out of the apartment, right?

In the end we had a total of three groups of kids for a grand total of 12 or so people.

The really sad part is the first group of five or so where all teenagers who had almost put some thought into actually having a costume of some sort. The last group of two kids accompanied by their father made up for it quite a bit by having really cool costumes complete with glowing eyes. So I’m still missing out on the massive kids trick or treating on Halloween experience I remember from my childhood, but I’ll get there someday.

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  1. I was a Tricker Treater from 1960 to about 1966, Back when it was safe to walk around the small town I grew up in. I strongly discourage the practice today. My 25 year career with the Medical Examiners Office and also witnessing one the biggest US Trauma Centers which was right next door to our building has led me to feel different. I use to Love Halloween. But today I would no more let my Children leave my sight and venture to a strange house, or eat an unknown substance given to them by someone who’s character is yet to be determined. It’s sad that it has come to this, But we clearly do not live in the same world we did 40 years ago. The US is full of dangerous stupid evil shitheads that harm children. Type into Google for the US Sex Offender Data Base and see who your neighbors are if you want to see the reality of your neighborhood. And thats just the one’s that got caught fuckin around. I feel for you Les. But next year maybe you could have, or attend a private Halloween Party.

  2. We were pretty light in our neighborhood, too.  Lighter than in past years, though the weather wasn’t any worse.  Strange.

  3. I live in an apartment too. Second story. I had two groups of kids, grand total of about 6 kids. Group one was a few neighbor kids who I play catch with occasionally, group two was a neighbor mom and her 4? year old daughter.

    I think next year I’m going to pass on buying and giving out candy, citing health concerns and a tummy ache.

  4. The Tainted “Candy Thing” is for the most part a Hoax. I personally have never seen a case of it. But the “Car Thing” being ran over, backed over, being harmed by other children, and accidents in general do rise during Halloween. Halloween pranks that end up in the E.R. are also a good reason to think
    “Private Party” Times change, and why would anyone want their kids to eat the shit for anyway.

  5. I wrote the last statement. You can’t tell, because the server discards names now.

    In case anyone was curious, I’m Bob.

  6. I live in a condo complex – haven’t had any trick or treat kids in the past nine years.  I have a bag of several hundred 25 year old plastic spider rings to hand out—just in case.

    There is an elementary school behind our condo that is having a ‘field day’ and they are playing “YMCA” on their PA system. I wonder if the school principal realizes that the Village People members are gay.

  7. Is this your way of telling us you’re going to be in a candy coma for the next couple of days, Les?

    Walk it off, SEBsters. Walk it off!

  8. Well if he does know I say ” Good for him ” Why subject our Children to some Homophobic Shithead.

  9. Everyone I know (self included) that lived in an apartment has had very low Halloween turnout.  In contrast, our neighborhood we live in now gets LOTS of action.  Other people “bus” their kids in to our area to trick or treat.  Maybe it’s the people who live in the apartments around our place that are bussing in…

    Maybe our neighbor who has at least one yard deco for EVERY holiday is effectively lighting the “Trick or Treat here!” signal with the yard full of decorations.  We’re waiting for a plane to land in their yard at Christmas.

  10. How is it that I have never seen any trace of Halloween? No kids, no costumes, nothing.
    Is it because its just big in US?

  11. Poor guy..I know how ya feel. When I moved to the big city I was all excited about handing out candy too. I ran into the same stump. No one comes around at our apartment complex. Better luck next year.

  12. I have the same problem with the lack of trick or treaters, though this year it was mostly due to the haunted house they set up a block away…

    I did, however, win 130 bucks for best costume at work. This same costume, last year, traumatized the only trick or treater we had.

  13. Roya: How is it that I have never seen any trace of Halloween? No kids, no costumes, nothing.
    Is it because it’s just big in US?

    Coupla years ago I lived in an economically deprived neighbourhood and I had a coupla groups of little black kids asking for sweets on Halloween.
    I happened to have enough so none were disappointed.
    Now I live in town; a block from the PO = no kids.
    Yes, it’s big in the US and No it’s not big yet in Oz but as our country becomes more Kultchally USAd I think you’ll find it’ll grow especially among the kids.
    Historically, Halloween came to the US with the free Irish settlers at a time when they were still being transported as convicts to OZ.
    The only things the Irish brought to Oz were Catholicism, St Patrick’s Day and their desire for laughter and alcohol.
    You know why alcohol was invented don’t you?
    So the Irish would not rule the world.  LOL

  14. I have felt your pain Les.  I lived in an apartment complex for about 8 years and I think had a total across all those years of 6 kids show up to trick-or-treat at my door.  *bah*

    On the bright side, we moved into a house this year and got swamped with kids on Halloween (100-120 showed up).  grin

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