Family photos today. Some sacrifices have been made.

We’ve got an appointment this evening to have a family Christmas portrait taken. For awhile we were trying to do this every year, but we missed a couple during the lean periods so seeing as it’s been awhile since the last one we figured this year would be a good one to get back into the habit. With the onset of winter I’ve been letting my hair grow back in a bit and it’s at that awkward length where it’s longer in some spots than others and can’t be easily combed. Plus the beard was much more wild mountain man looking than usual so I figured a trip to the barbers this morning for a bit of a trim was in order.

The barber was quite good, but apparently I didn’t communicate my beard trimming directions properly as my beard has been significantly reduced. I’d say a good half to two-thirds of the beard is gone now putting it at its shortest length in at least three or four years. It was quite shocking to look in the mirror and see me with not only a decent hair cut, but a much shorter beard.

Not that it looks bad, it actually looks pretty good and proves that I can clean up quite well, but my beard has been a kind of a signature for so long now that some people are sure to be upset with the change while some others will think it’s an improvement. Beards being what they are it’ll grow back out soon enough, but I’m sure it’ll be a topic of discussion amongst folks who know for me for a day or two. Either way I’ll at least look halfway decent for the Christmas photo later tonight. I’ll see what I can do to get a shot of my new do up on the site soon.

2 thoughts on “Family photos today. Some sacrifices have been made.

  1. Maybe we can prod Don into proclaiming your beard a mutilation of the face, defaming the body, and worthy of his awesome lawsuit skillz, Les.

  2. I say
    To the barber
    To the beard
    To more hair
    Of course that’s just one man’s opinion and not a very good one seeing I’m your Mom!

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