“Dr.” Kent Hovind and wife guilty of tax fraud. Get free trip to PMITA prison.

Long time SEB favorite whipping boy “Dr.” Kent Hovind has been on trial for tax fraud over the past few weeks, which most of you probably already know if you’ve been following along on Pharyngula. Well the trial is finally over and the good “Dr.” and his wife have been found guilty of tax fraud that could land them in prison for a very long time:

Kent Hovind is charged with 58 federal counts, including failure to pay $845,000 in employee-related taxes and withholdings.

If found guilty, he faces a maximum of 288 years in prison. His wife, Jo Hovind, faces up to 225 years. Her charges include aiding and abetting her husband with 44 counts of evading bank-reporting requirements.

Doh! Seems the good “Dr.” would’ve benefited from less time studying the Bible and more time studying up on U.S. tax laws.

I’ve written many times in the past about what a total whack job the good “Dr.” is and my utter amazement that anyone actually takes anything he says seriously because it’s obvious after only a few minutes of listening to him that he’s more than a few cards short of a full deck. This became even more apparent during the course of his trial when he made all sorts of idiotic claims in an attempt to justify years of not paying taxes of any kind. A small sample follows:

In closing arguments this morning, Alan Richey, Kent Hovind’s defense attorney, said the Pensacola evangelist was never notified by the IRS that he was violating a specific law by not withholding and paying employment taxes on workers at the Dinosaur Adventure Land and Creative Science Evangelism, both of which he founded and operates.

Hovind also believes that as workers of God, he and all employees of the theme park and his ministry are exempt from paying taxes.

It’s a shame when reality conflicts with one’s beliefs. All too often, as “Dr.” Kent Hovind has just discovered, reality wins. On the plus side for Hovind it’s looking like we won’t have the good “Dr.” to kick around much longer. Of the bat shit crazy evangelists he was definitely my favorite.

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  1. Kent Hovind is charged with 58 federal counts, including failure to pay $845,000 in employee-related taxes and withholdings.

    If found guilty, he faces a maximum of 288 years in prison. His wife, Jo Hovind, faces up to 225 years.

    Is it wrong that this is putting a big fat grin on my face?

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how many years of prison time convicted felon Kent Hovind and convicted felon Jo Hovind are actually sentenced to.
    Ahhh, I can see it now – the IDiots with their placards doing stomping laps of the compound yelling ‘Doctor’ Dino fit the battle of Jericho, till he’s released or the walls come tumblin’ down.
    I wonder if he realises he’s done wrong.
    Not according to this.
    I wonder how much he’ll be willing to rehabilitate himself.
    I wonder if he’ll say: Father, why hast thou forsaken me?
    I wonder if he’ll realise that his god has let him down big time.
    I wonder if he’ll realise that bad things do happen to bad people.
    I wonder if he’ll realise the similarities between he and Al Capone.
    I wonder if Bull$hit will get in on the act and give him a Presidential Pardon.
    Now, if only he could get convicted of committing “scientific” fraud against the public as well… LOL

  3. I thought about giving a reply but so many things came to mind at once that I got totaly overwhelmed.
    I find myself in the unusual position of being speachless, except maybe to say “right arm!”

  4. the battle of Jericho, till he’s released or the walls come tumblin’ down.

    Apparently the archaelogical evidence is that Jerico never had walls.

    I’m surprised that he didn’t come to some sort of bargain earlier- he’s not actually a stupid man from what I can gather- just ignorant in certain scientific fields.  Lets face it, he set up a theme park and ran it, which takes a certain amount of skills, even if as a business it makes a loss.

    A few years ago ‘lovable’ Liverpudlian commedian Ken Dodd was done for tax evasion over here. To many commentators surprise, he was put on trial not in London, but in his home town of Liverpool.  Being a bit of a local hero he got off, and this was seen as a failure for the Inland Revenue.  But, as I tell people, he had his private life in the glare of the media, he paid all the tax, and the interest on it.  And in the following weeks lots of other celebrities telephoned the Revenue and said ‘I may have made a mistake with my accounts- can we come to an agreement’.

    I suspect that Hovind is a ‘day in court’ person, some how thinking the judge will go ‘My God, you are so right- here let me just ignore all national laws and let you off’.

  5. How long before he informs us all that he has “been battling alcoholism privately for many years now, and as an act of responsible stewardship is going into rehab?”  Or pills, or compulsive gambling, or Internet porn, or sudoku…

  6. Well, first Kent Hovind gets convicted, then Ted Haggard get’s outed for having a secret drug fueled relationship with a gay prostitute….what’s next, Tom Cruise reveals he’s secretly worshipped Xenu all along?  Man, if anymore religious “role-models” fall, my whole world is gonna be totally shattered!

  7. Wow. This just made my day. I’m going to send it on to my relative who is a serious Hovind groupie. I suspect that it won’t make any difference in his opinion of Hovind (he already told me that the charges against Hovind were trumped up), but it’ll be satisfying nonethless.

  8. Yeah well Jobby, you could be more interesting if you knew how to punctuate.
    Glass-houses and stone-throwing come to mind.

  9. The Hovind groupies were out in force on various forums, discussing his conviction.  Almost all of them felt that he was being martyred for his religious beliefs, while a few believe his going to prison is part of God’s plan. 

    Incidentally, Hovind has reported that he already has converted two prisoners to Christianity. Maybe in prison, he’ll finally fulfill his lifelong dream of teaching pseudoscience to the great unwashed masses.

  10. Wow so when something like this happens wheather you agree with him or not you actually get excited? Well I guess if you have no morals why wouldn’t you? Dr. Hovind is a great guy and has some wonderful points, so instead of arguing with facts you all go directly to name calling. But I guess if I was wrong I would do the same thing.

    God Bless you Dr. Hovind!

  11. Little Wanker says:

    … you have no morals … instead of arguing with facts you all go directly to name calling.

    If you bring a fact into the argument I’m all for discussion … until then name-calling is so much fun and by far the easiest option.  wink

  12. Have any of you ever heard of Daniel in the lions den? I am sure that if Dr.Hovind was a CEO of say, Apple, and not being a person that discredited all of the so called facts and scientific “evidence” of prestigeous scientists, he would never be in Jail right now. They might just slap his hand for putting it in the cookie jar, but that would be it.

    Before you dismiss what Dr.Hovind teaches, or reteaches I might say, why dont you go to his website and click on downloads. Go ahead and just watch the first free video and see for yourself. Anyone can discredit anyone on the internet very easily, but if you actually have brains you might think about looking into it yourself.

    Website: http://www.drdino.com

    Also…about the age of the Earth. How is there actually proof of how old the earth is? How do we know for sure? The scientific “facts” that are published, and widely taught today would be absurd 50 years ago, and called wrong, even though we believe them to be right. Science is always changing and is mostly just speculation that works with whats at hand….until we bring in a new variable that doesnt match the equation, or breaks it. Set rules are always broken, and fact turns to fiction all the time.

    Did you know that on the same dinosaur, using even the best technology of carbon dating, you can take multiple samples and get data back that varies from each other so much. It really shows the weakness of using this technology to invent “facts”.

    All I am really asking everyone is to do, is to not be like your cyber-neighbor, dont thrive off of the stupidity of doing bandwagon stunts. Actually use your brains and do research into both sides of the story before you make your mind up, otherwise you would be like a blind person swearing he saw an alien.

  13. Tyler, you’d have more credibility if you knew, for instance, that carbon-dating is not used for dinosaur fossils; that is the province of other elements and their isotopes with longer half-lives.  And geostratigraphy information.  And cosmological information.  And continental drift.  And genetic time markers.  And the morphology of fossilized critters. And…

    When data from several methods lines up well, you know you’re on the right track.  Well, at least some of us do.

  14. Tyler and Big Boy, I have been arguing similar points on my blog with some guy named Mike and after much dialog I found that no amount of logic or reason will suffice.

    The only thing that seems to work with some degree of regularity is a firm; “Fuck off and die!”

    Your “Let’s get things back into perspective here! scribe;
    Allan W Janssen

  15. I didnt ask to be credited and i dont really care, my intention as I said again for those who cant read is just to get you to look into both sides of the whole story. Carbon-dating is just an example in the myriad of clumsy “facts” that are picked out of asses. Though I have to admit, you are right about the process of learning processes…if the next step fits into place with the last it might appear to be right, but how can we account for many different variables or other things that we dont even know yet?

    READ this: http://www.allaboutarchaeology.org/is-carbon-dating-accurate-faq.htm

    and yeah one could talk about these speculations forever, I merely just wanted to get some other prospectives out there.

  16. Ssee what I mean!!!
    This guy says “look at both sides to the story” time after time, when it’s really his side that he wants us to consider yet again, because we “obviously” didn’t “get it” the first time.
    Tyler, once more with feeling-“Fuck off and die!”

  17. Did you even really consider it or think about other people you moron. Its only been posted for like 15 minutes you fuck. Get a life. You dont have to just shut me up because you are a retard and you dont want to talk about it. Whats the point of even having a fucking blog if you dont let multitudes evaluate and post and add onto others posts. Hell yeah im fine with you being a fag all bukkaked in the face, doesnt bother me none becuase theres plenty more of you around anyway, on every blog. And you said your point in respect to what decrepitoldfool and I were talking about, now shut the hell up.

  18. Its only been posted for like 15 minutes you fuck

    But some of us have many years of study in science vs. creationism behind us and frankly, we’ve heard it.  The chances anything new is in that video you linked are almost nil.

    You want us to look at both sides of the story.  Fine, let’s do that.  In this corner is Hovind, self-accredited bible-shouter who has demonstrated for years that he really doesn’t understand the first thing about science.  I’ve read his stuff and it’s painfully clueless.  In the other corner are hundreds of thousands of scientists who work patiently with evidence and strike down unsupportable ideas in peer review.

    So when you say that science is pulled out of someone’s ass, you’re overlooking a body of evidence carefully extracted from the real world.

    If we seem reluctant to go over every misconception and blatent lie for the 500th time, we are.  It really gets old.  Learn about science from scientists and come back when you have a clue.

  19. Tyler, the point is that there are a hell of a lot of people that are much smarter than you feeding you this bullshit you spout and you are not “intelligent” enough to realize your being had.

    Sorry, intelligence is not at play here, it’s “critical thinking”. The same as teenagers, they do stupid things because they haven’t developed “critical thinking” yet. Some never do!

    Your “father of a teenager” scribe;
    Allan W Janssen

    PS I’ll disregard the personal shit!

  20. Tyler is yet another example of Jesus’ teachings in action. Such inner peace. Such love for others. It’s amazing. Truly.

  21. Hell yeah im fine with you being a fag all bukkaked in the face, …

    Tyler, I just love the way you showed your true colours … and so quickly, too.
    Didn’t your saccharin jesus teach you to turn the other cheek and not to judge – you’re not a good role model for your religion.

    I’d hazard a guess that most of us here have already investigated both sides of the fence unlike you who has only been courageous enough to read stuff that supports the blinkered view of the dull and enslaved masses.

    It takes far more courage to be an atheist than a follower; a slave to a 2000 year old superstitious doctrine that has abso-fucking-lutely no credibility in the real world.

    Grow the fuck up – get some balls; investigate the other side.
    Try reading Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”.
    It’s filled with real information as opposed to your bible which is filled with old men talking to totally ignorant people who needed explanations of natural phenomena and other things and who wanted to feel safety in their delusions.

    Dawkins (paraphrased): We are all atheists about most of the gods worshipped in ages past – Thor, Aphrodite, Zeus, Jupiter, et al … some of us go one god further.

    You have NO courage, Tyler.
    Your delusions have made you a slave.
    You are an ignorant fool but … please come back.
    “Making fun of fundies is like hunting dairy cows with a high-powered rifle with a scope.”  LOL

  22. “I’d hazard a guess that most of us here have already investigated both sides of the fence unlike you who has only been courageous enough to read stuff that supports the blinkered view of the dull and enslaved masses.”

    Oh yeah like I havn’t been forced upon all that bullshit in public school like every other person in the USA.

    And who ever said anything about my religion? How the fuck do you even know what my religion is? Just because I was bringing some controversial things up doesnt mean you have to cower under your umbrella of stupidity. I was just bringing some meat to the stew.

    And WOW you incredible doink, you’re telling me to investigate the other side? Why the hell would I be telling people to do the same? Its like im in a cave and I just keep hearing myself.

    And you can spew peoples names and books and phrases all around as much as you want, but its all just conjecture and in the end you are still left at home being the moron.

    Talking about courage? Why the hell would I even go into some forum like this and even post in the first place? I already read all of the other posts, and noticed all the people ridin the bandwagon. Maybe I think its funny that people like you get so defensive and act like cowards when someone challenges your beliefs.

    wow moses i have to admit you were right man…its like the fuckin energizer battery

  23. Tyler, creationism/ID is such a flawed and fundamentally unsupportable idea that its proponents, after promulgating at length the false premise that evolution is “unlikely” or “impossible,” often resort to name-calling and intimidation in order to appear authoritative. You are living proof of this.

    You aren’t making creationists/IDiots appear any more respect-worthy. You are looking like an amazing idiot, though.

  24. Sadie I am sad to say I am one of those I.D. people but not the way you think. Here is a quote from my blog to a guy a lot like Tyler.

    Let’s reduce everything to basics and not try and impress anyone with flights of convoluted logic!

    It’s a generally accepted scientific fact that the Universe operates according to certain laws of “nature.”

    I don’t think these “laws” appeared out of thin air, or are supported by “nothing!”. There has to be some force, or whatever, that started the ball rolling and keeps some order to things.

    This “Divine Cause” supports “Intelligent Design,” but doesn’t necessarily mean anything that has happened since is caused by, or even the result of, Divine Intervention!

    As a matter of fact, looking at the world and how it operates I would hazzard a guess that since the original Creation there has been little or no “Divine Intervention” AT ALL!
    (Two notes here; First – my big commission cheque came in from work today, just in time for Christmas.
    To which my wife said, “Thank the Lord.”
    I replied,“I don’t think the Lord had too much to do with it but you can thank the people in accounting!”
    Second – my wifes Lymphoma, on the roof of her mouth, has mysteriously disappeared thanks to healthy living and a lot of prayer from everyone that knows her.
    To which I said, “Thank the Lord!!!!!”)

    “And that’s all I have to say about that!”
    Your “matter of fact, but hedging his bets,” scribe;
    Allan W Janssen

  25. Tyler, where do you get off assuming we haven’t looked at “the other side?”  Most of us have, probably in considerably more detail than you have. 

    So when you show up with “Hey, bet yuh never thought of this, huh?” … and you’re behind a long line of r00bs who have done the same thing, you shouldn’t be surprised by a less than welcoming reception.

    WE HAVE ALREADY LOOKED AT HOVIND AND CREATIONISM.  Point-by-point, it fails to measure up. 

    Has it changed since last time?  Did Hovind and his fellow morons come up with 100 years of peer-reviewed field evidence and cross-disciplinary corroboration while we weren’t looking?  Did he come up with some good counterexamples to evolution or is he still tooting the same old canards?

    As I said before, come back when you have a clue.

  26. Allan, I actually agree with your ideas more than I disagree. There is no disputing the fact that all life has evolved over the eons, but as to the original source of life, if one even exists? Dunno.

    Of several things I’m pretty much certain, though: the Discovery Institute’s ideas about “intelligent design” are laughable, Hovind’s brand of creationism is ludicrous, and I won’t accept that the ultimate source of life is the Christian and/or fundamentalist conception of “god.”

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hookah to smoke—as if I needed to further fill my lungs with tobacco. Cheerio.

  27. Sadie you are right, the I.D. proposed by Hovind and even most Christians is laughable. I only say two things in my book;
    One is that “I know what God is NOT. Don’t ask me what God IS!” and;
    #Two is “Certainly I believe in God. I just don’t trust them that works for him!”

    Your “old philosopher’ scribe;
    Allan W Janssen

  28. when someone challenges your beliefs.

    Tyler, mate, you haven’t challenged my beliefs.
    You suggested I go look at Dr Dino’s IDiot stuff.
    I have, long before you ever suggested it.
    It’s the type of non-challenging stuff that appeals to non-challenging people.

    How the fuck do you even know what my religion is?

    From the way you spew I’d guess you’re a fundie who believes everything dr dino says and because I don’t agree you, you go for the personal attack and expect to hurt me in some childish way.
    Sorry, kid, it’d take a better man than you to hurt me with immature words … for starters you’d have to say something sensible and or I’d have to care about you or your opinions.
    You don’t and or I don’t. LOL
    Isn’t that cool? You and I both don’t. That must mean we’re the same. wink

    Just because I was bringing some controversial things up

    Controversial is not the word I’d have used.
    Unintelligent, childish, stupid, ridiculous, silly, foolish … yes.  smile

    Sadie: I won’t accept that the ultimate source of life is the Christian and/or fundamentalist conception of “god”.

    I agree totally; it’s far too childish … but there could be some non-judgemental ‘thing’ that started it all and … maybe it wasn’t. wink
    What caused the first First Cause if there was one?
    Hinduism poses a universe time-line theory that I remember Carl Sagan agreeing with in principle although, as an atheist, he didn’t agree with the Hindu ‘cause’ of creation.
    Ctrl F to find Carl’s comments.

    When, How and Why did consciousness ‘evolve’?
    That question still puzzles me – I’ll find out one day.  smile

  29. What are you saying than John? That I am just supposed to lay here like a mangy dog while you yourself throw insults at me? What a bunch of hipocrites. I was actually quite cival until your cohort delegate got pussy sore and told me to fuck off (for no reason).

  30. Yea John we seem to be on the same wavelength there. Must be some First Cause, cause otherwise there would be no first. As for anything after? Haven’t seen any!
    Oh, by the way, Tyler, Fuck off!

  31. I was actually quite cival [sic] until your cohort delegate got pussy sore and told me to fuck off (for no reason).

    Kid, go somewhere else to play.
    You’re wasting your time trying to convince us “Dr” Hovind has something in the least bit intelligent to say.
    NO regular here is impressed with his spin on the scam you’ve been sucked in to and enslaved by.
    You invited us to look at what he had to say – I’d say most of us have had a look and come away smiling at his comedic attempts to explain a 6000 year young earth concept.
    Now, why don’t you have a look at some of the things we’ve suggested you look into?
    I know why you won’t.
    You didn’t come here to gain knowledge – you came here to show us and sell us your brand of knowledge; i.e. no knowledge.
    And, looking at the HinduWisdom site I pointed at may disturb your precarious stance on/in ‘faith’ … don’t go there.

    Just for fun, have a look at where xianty came from and how it came about.
    At best, from an intellectual point of view, I’ve found it an interesting exercise; at least it’s amusing.
    Xianity has never been able to ‘feed my soul’ though as it’s far too childish and sentimental; it’s no different to Islam really. wink

    Oh, and what Moses said.  LOL

  32. Tyler: I was actually quite cival until your cohort delegate got pussy sore and told me to fuck off (for no reason).

    Tyler, no one told you to fuck off for no reason.

  33. Tyler:  What exactly does “pussy sore” mean, you filthy-mouthed ingrate?

    You just proved that you’re even more IDiotic than most of the IDiots.  Fuck off.

  34. Les I would normally never go on your site and tell someone to look at mine, but they just executed Saddam and I think I even out-did myself on this one. (I think I’m some sort of sick bastard!) BUT come right back!!!

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