Discussion on Freethought symbology.

A little while back PZ Myers of Pharyngula invited people to come up with a symbol to represent Freethinkers. Something simple and unique that could be used by non-believers in a similar way to how Christians have that fish symbol plastered all over everything. Quite a few good suggestions were made and now they’re having a discussion on which one folks might like to use.

Of the ones listed in that entry I’m most fond of the top three choices of which I’m most fond of the “affinity” symbol:

For no other reason than I think it looks kinda nifty. My second choice would be the “a period” symbol:

Mainly because it’s not only simple, but is also a question mark laying on its side. There’s quite a few more choices over there so go and let them know what you think would be the best symbol for us to make use of.

1 thought on “Discussion on Freethought symbology.

  1. Ooooh.  Those are pretty cool (if Anglocentric in terms of the “A”—the overly used Christian Fish, and the Cross for that matter, have the advantage of non-lingual thus universal symbols).

    That said, I’d go with the top one as being classier.  The bottom one does have that Question Mark thing going for it, but looks like dated 70s-style script.  I’m not sure what “affinity” means in this context, but it’s a nice word, too.

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