Creepy baby ad for the PS3.

OK, I want a PS3 badly—not badly enough to shell out $600 for one—but pretty badly just the same. That said I have to wonder how the hell this TV commercial for it featuring a baby doll is supposed to make me want it more than I already do. It just sorta… creeps me out.

12 thoughts on “Creepy baby ad for the PS3.

  1. Well that was stupid, I would expect crappy advertising like this to come from the Wii, but not the PS3.

  2. I’m sorry, but Sony somehow lost my sympathies, – back when they dumped the Cliés, their shitty customer relationship management with my Vaio, and lately the PS3 letdowns…

    There’s great comics about them though.

  3. decrepitoldfool,

    you are really reaching…  it’s not even close.

    I’m sure that (especially after the PSP “graffiti” campaign) Sony is just trying to up the “edgy” factor. 

    I’m sure it was fun for whichever agencyu made the ad, and they are probably laughing their nuts off that it made it to air…

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