Another Black Friday ad website.

We’re getting ready for Friday so I’ve been checking out some more of the websites that are listing Black Friday ads. Thought I’d pass on that Black Friday is another good one if, like us, you’re planning on braving the crowds Friday morning.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Another Black Friday ad website.

  1. You can get a lot of the BestBuy black friday prices online right now (Thursday).  The 2 lcd monitors I was hoping to get are already sold out online, but I’m able to get other stuff.  You can’t get the 100 pack of DVD+R online, but they usually have a lot instore and the sale is through Saturday.  Now I don’t have to fight the crowd tomorrow morning.

  2. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. Last year was a problem with Toys R Us in the Heights. Someone actually reached into our cart to try and take our stuff!-operative word being tried. Employees watched and did nothing. A good cart shove to the ribs always does the trick. I didn’t spend three hours inline to get my kids toy just so some fuck head could grab it and add it to the four he already had. I’m on the hunt for a VCR/DVD recorder so wish me luck. Enough of my rant-oh, how I love the holidaze.

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