All of the SEB Halloween Headers in one thread.

I was reminded today that I had promised to post an entry containing all of the Halloween headers Beu Tochs had made up for me in one entry so folks who missed some of them could see them. So here’s that entry starting with the first and the rest will be after the jump. Dial up users beware.

10 thoughts on “All of the SEB Halloween Headers in one thread.

  1. Maybe I need no glasses, but I don’t see a difference between your normal image and one the between the Zombie & the Chuthlu headers (5th image from the top).  Excepting that the words are in orange.  LOL

  2. I could say that I have witnessed every one of those traits during your life time but that would be a downright lie.  So just let me compliment Beau Tochs on the excellent talent displayed and add that I prefer more head hair and less whiskers but that is just a mother’s opinion!

  3. The big-brained image reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone, “To Serve Man”. For some ungodly reason we watched it on Halloween in elementary school, and it gave me nightmares for like a year. Good times.

  4. They’re all great, but I have one nitpick… shouldn’t the werewolf one have the werewolf half facing the moon instead of the normal half.

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