“World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade” delayed until January 2007.

The first major expansion to Blizzard’s uber-popular MMORPG is there are hints that Blizzard will toss us a bone with at least one more content patch between now and the release of the expansion:

Tere: What’s in it?

Eyonix: Oh, you know, just a few small things such as a brand new honor system, as well as new talents and abilities along with dozens of other changes and improvements. wink

Remember, we were planning on patching in many things along with the release of the Burning Crusade so that those who chose not to purchase the expansion could still enjoy many new features.

With the delay of the game, we’ll be patching prior to its release.

The 1.12 patch was supposed to be the last content (meaning new stuff beyond bug fixes) to come out prior to the release of the expansion and the little tidbit from a Blizzard rep above implies they may be adding in some of the new features the expansion was supposed to bring into the game ahead of schedule such as the new Jewel Crafting profession, the higher level cap of 70, the new spells and talents, the new Professions updates, and the new Honor System. No word yet on which of the new changes/systems will be in the next patch, but at least we’ll be getting something before the expansion hits.

4 thoughts on ““World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade” delayed until January 2007.

  1. Was there an official release date before?  Just wondering, since there being an official release date for a Blizzard game seems strange to me.

  2. There was never an official release date put out by Blizzard, but all the websites that sold the game like Amazon was saying either Nov 22 or Nov 30th.

    I just want to add that I am a beta tester for the new expansion and it looks really great. I have not had much time to play it as I just got my beta key last night. But the game looks like it got some great upgrades.

  3. I generally avoid buying new toys for myself from mid-October through Christmas on the off-chance that someone may have bought them for me as gifts

    My wife gets particularly shirty with me if I buy myself stuff during this period. Funny that huh wink

  4. Topnical:  I AM JEALOUS! WAAAAAH ! LOL!

    I am glad that the game ins’t being released until after the holidays. It will give us time to squeeze funidng out of the budget for 2 copies lol! 

    I am really, really looking forward to the level cap being raised to 70.  I am hoping that they dont’ increase the difficulty in the established end game dungeons as a result.

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