While You Were Sleeping…

Olbermann: Say goodbye to Habeus Corpus! 

[Update:]Here is the YouTube video below:

So my only question is when does the rebellion begin?  Or is this just another issue we Americans shrug off.

[Ed Note: I’ll see if I can find a YouTube copy of the video sometime today.]

9 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping…

  1. Brilliant!  I wish I could do sarcasm half so well when I’m half that angry.  Olberman needs to take himself and his red marker down to the National Archives and “revise” their copy of the Magna Carta, while he’s at it. 

    As if I needed another kick in the @$$ to finish legal paperwork for the Canadian move.  Hell of a note, ain’t it, when you can feel like you’d have more liberty in a country that—on paper at least—still kowtows to a doddering monarchy, particularly the one that necessitated the Magna Carta in the first place?

    Thanks, SEB, for the clip.

  2. Or is this just another issue we Americans shrug off.


    He does do great sarcasm, though.  smile

  3. Don’t worry Webs – our PM is at the front of the conga line of Bull$hit arse-sniffers.
    He’s left one of our nationals, David Hicks in Gitmo for over four years, without charges being laid, whilst the Poms, Frogs and others have managed to get their’s back without too much effort and tried them at home.
    I was over at Ryland‘s and noticed one of his lines: If you want to be conservative, that’s great, it sure beats thinking for yourself.
    That made me grin.  LOL

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