Possible email issues.

I upgraded EE to the latest build last night (1.5.1) and now I’m no longer see comment notifications when you guys post a comment. What I need to know is if you’re still receiving comment notifications on the threads you’ve subscribed to? I’m thinking you must be because I still occasionally get a bounced message from older threads which implies that user notifications are still being sent.

Hopefully the problem is limited to me, but let me know. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “Possible email issues.

  1. Well lets see, I am not to computer savvy, But your suggestion about Fire 2.0 plus was a great suggestion. I only look half as ignorant as I used to. At least I can spell now. What is EE.?

  2. EE stands for ExpressionEngine. It’s the scripting package I use to run this blog. I just checked the pMachine homepage and it appears they’ve updated the script once more yesterday so this issue may already be resolved. I just need to get home and reupload the files.

  3. It’s not freeware, but there is a free version if you can live without some of the modules such as the user module. It’s produced by the fine folks at pMachine.com and you can get the free version from this link.

    The personal license (which I have) is $99.95 and that includes a year of updates. It’s $19.95 to renew updates for another year. A commercial license is $249.95 with $39.95 yearly renewals.

    It’s not cheap software by any means, but it’s not horribly expensive given what it does. The free version works great for smaller sites if you don’t mind not being able to register users or have a photo gallery.

  4. If the money is too much of a factor for you SomethinAwful, I recommend WordPress.  It is open source and very easy to use.  If you decide to use it and need help running it let me know.

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