Movie Preview: Deck the Halls

Yes, I realize that Halloween is still over two weeks away so I shouldn’t be talking about Christmas movies yet, but I can’t help myself because they’ve finally made my Christmas movie. It’s a comedy starring Mathew Broderick and Danny DeVito called Deck the Halls which is all about one of my favorite parts of the holiday: Decorating your home for Christmas.

As a kid not only did I spend hours staring at the toy section of the annual Sears Christmas Wish Book catalog*, but I devoted an equal amount of time to the Christmas decoration section dreaming about how I planned to deck my future home out with the most awesome Christmas display ever seen before. I was going to take it beyond just buying a bunch of decorations to coming up with my own rigs to do things like run a wire around the house from various trees in the yard from which I’d suspend a (full size) sleigh and reindeer that would be motorized so they’d fly in a continuous circle until midnight on Christmas Eve when a switch would divert them to a different track that would enable them to land on the rooftop!

As you can see, I focused on the important aspects of the Christmas holiday.

So it probably goes without saying that a movie about two guys competing to have the most decked out Christmas display immediately has its hooks into me because I can so relate to that sort of ambition. They are my people and this is my movie. For all I know it’ll probably suck, but I found myself giggling at the trailer in part because what I saw looked funny and in part because it gave me all sorts of new ideas for the day that I eventually manage to own a home of my own.

* This link goes to a Flick’r gallery where someone took the time to scan an entire Sears Christmas Wish Book circa 1979. I was 12 years old that year and, man, does looking at that catalog bring back the memories!

10 thoughts on “Movie Preview: Deck the Halls

  1. My favorite recent christmas movie was “Surviving Christmas”, mostly because we got to see James Gandolfini hit Ben Affleck in the head with a shovel.

  2. That sounds like a movie I could laugh with BUT I know from experience they only put the best bits in the trailer.
    I hope there’s some other good stuff too. smile

  3. I love Christmas… Especially the Movies. This will be a MUST SEE.. I still miss the one with Marlo Thomas, Can’t find it anywhere…Looked for years.

    Les, When I was reading your post, I usually picture a deep ( maybe biker type ) voice. But your post voice this time sounded in my head like the guy that spoke at the end of the show on ” The Waltons ” hehe

  4. Les, what/where was that post where you had a small sample of your voice (suffering from a cold) in the Anime movie? smile

  5. Oh man… thanks for that Sears catalog link, Les.  I was born in 1979 and I giggled as I looked through it.  I remember much of that stuff as hand me downs since my mom couldn’t afford much when I got a little older.


    Oh, and I am looking forward to Deck the Halls myself.  😀

  6. Paul, my voice tends to vary depending on how tired I am and it’s not as deep as some people imagine it to be unless I’m really tired. I’ve had a number of people write to me and ask me to do a recording of my voice. I’ve been trying to think of something that might be fun to do as a podcast or something. Perhaps interview someone like DOF, but I’d have to come up with interesting questions.

    LJ, that was: My small claim to fame as an anime voice actor.

  7. I remember the wish book.  Wes you mark what you would like to have with a star.  Les you use an X for yours then I can tell them apart. I can’t remember what we told Cindy to use!  But it was a well used book before Christmas!

  8. I followed your wish list link and found a 1947 Sears catalogue with the sled I got for Christmas that year. I use it one day and forgot it on the street where a car ran over it. Since then, I’ve had a difficult time investing much emotion in an inanimate object. I do love my car, though. I believe that is required of the masculine set?  tongue wink

  9. I used it one day and forgot it on the street where a car ran over it.

    On my 15th birthday I got a new 3 speed racing bike and rode it thru the tracks in the park where we often rode and hit a fallen tree on the pathway. Broke the neck (of the bike) and got all the ‘you should be more careful’ lectures and felt like shit. The tree wasn’t there a few days before.

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