Last of the Halloween headers is up.

Just a quick note to let folks reading via RSS that the last of the four Halloween headers for the site just went live. I’ll probably leave this one up through the 31st seeing as I don’t really have a fifth header to work with.

Not much else going on at the moment.

41 thoughts on “Last of the Halloween headers is up.

  1. This one is the best—which must be why you saved it for last.
    Aren’t you going to do one as Hellboy?  You’d look great with the short horns.

  2. I didn’t make these, alas. My Photoshopping skills aren’t that good. I believe it was Beau Tochs who did them up.

  3. Les, if you want some more, I’ll try to get them out to you if I can find some free cycles over the next few days . . . I don’t remember how I gave them to you, though – did I give you the whole header, or just the image that you plopped in yourself? 

    getting old is a terrible thing . . . sheesh.

    What other things can I try?  DracuLes? MummyLes? not that I’ll get to all of them, but are there any other ideas? Les? DOF? LJ? Elwed? Bueller?  Bueller?

  4. Don’t kill yourself trying to get it done, BT. If you have the time and feel creative feel free. I believe you gave me the graphic and I went ahead and put the logo on it.

  5. What other things can I try?  DracuLes? MummyLes? not that I’ll get to all of them, but are there any other ideas? Les? DOF? LJ? Elwed? Bueller?  Bueller?

    How about the scariest thing possible: Republican Christian Fundie Les?

  6. How about the scariest thing possible: Republican Christian Fundie Les?

    A terror worthy of the modern Hallowe’en.

    Hellboy Les (Hellbobby?) could be done, although it would be a slight departure from tradition. Vampire Les would also be in the works. If you’re a fantasy type you could do him up as a dwarf. What about a woman? Make him a her, that would be pretty creepy. Especially the 50’s types with the really gaudy glasses. Having been done as a zombie I don’t spose a mummy would be a new idea… You could take a potshot and feature him on a piece of grilled cheese (I’m surprised nobody’s actually made a “put your face on grilled cheese” thing yet”). What about a spider or some other particular nasty looking thing? Make him a broodmother or something raspberry.

    Yeah, I’m tired and I’m just about out of ideas (I think turning Les into mutant furniture is too radical a departure). Anyone else?

  7. Ah never mind. I just found that using a proxy server in asia prevents me from connecting. ^&*!@#.

    Looks like it’s back to plain direct connect for me.

  8. I like the GrilledCheeseLes idea BTW. That would be a great year-round image.

    Beau Tochs, your work is exquisite.

  9. SA, the server’s been giving me an occasional out of memory error this weekend, but otherwise the site’s speed seems normal. I’ll be submitting a ticket about the occasional out of memory errors just the same.

    And I already have a MindLes picture. It’s what usually graces the site.

  10. Great suggestions!  This gives me lots of ideas!

    MindLes . . . done!

    GodLes . . . I didn’t like the version I did for the header (which Les has), but this one of GodLes banishing a fundie from SEB looks pretty good on my family room ceiling (smite the image to embiggen):

    Smite Me to embiggen

    more to come, as time permits.  smile

  11. BT, these are AWESOME.

    next year I’ll have more images than weeks to show them all in.

    Didn’t you hear?  Congress got bored with that war thingie, so they held a special session to combine September and October.  Septober is eight weeks next year.

  12. I love the cthulu one, and my fiancee would be squealing her head off right now if she saw it, as well as Paul smiling like the elegant charisma fiend he can be he can be.

  13. Thanks, DOF!  LJ is correct, the pic I used is a much larger version of this one, from Dead Man’s Chest:

    All that really needed to be done was to flip the image, plop Les’ face in, desaturate, colorize, blend it in, add some texture to his head, and add a background.  Instant Cthulhu in 20 minutes or less! 

    here’s another silly one, same steps:

  14. Oh my! I damn near fell out of my chair at the YodLes image.

    Manzabar, I’ll create an entry with links to each of the headers in a little bit.

  15. Please, please, please, please, please make one up of Les as a Smurf!  He would truly be speechless!  *GRIN*

  16. Beau Tochs: do you do this for living?  Because each one of these looks amazing.

    I also had some other ideas:
    Freddy KruegerLes

  17. Webs, I push pixels AND vertices around for a living, but I have far more experience in the latter than the former.  Thanks for thinking that stuff looks good, but it’s really just the frustrated droppings of someone who wishes he was much better at it than he really is. 

    For instance, I could have used masks to fade out the backgrounds and make them blend in nicely with Les’ site, but when I do these pics I’m generally in a hurry to bang ‘em out – and they look it.  The ideas I have in my head rarely become pixels, and if they ever do, believe me, it’s by accident! LOL

    If I ever figure out how to do Flash or Fireworks, I’d REALLY love to give Les some headers he could proud of . . . the “MindLes” image would look INCREDIBLE if could animate the lobes and have them writhing and pulsing under the skin of his enormous head . . . or how about some blood dripping off the fangs of “Lesferatu” as his skin gets some color back due to his ghastly feast? What about a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” Les that transforms every minute or so? 

    Until I can make these mental images I have a reality, I’m afraid I’ll always be just a hack.

    But I’ll keep trying!  grin

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