I so need me a Slanket.

Yes I said I need me a Slanket. It’s a blanket with sleeves specifically so you cover up while sitting up and still hold a book or play video games without your arms being all exposed. Here’s an action shot of this most amazing blanket in action:

The expression on that man’s face is the definition of “geek heaven.” That or the cat under his slanket has mistaken his “wee willy” for a mouse in his trousers and pounced on it just as they were taking the picture.

They seem a tad on the expensive side at $54.95 but that’s for 60” W x 100” L with 13” wide sleeves of soft and comfy fleece so the price may not be as high as I think it is. I have no idea what good fleece products go for these days. Still, I want one. Can’t believe no one’s thought of that before.

Found via Dancing on Colette’s Grave.

11 thoughts on “I so need me a Slanket.

  1. At first look it appears to be a mu mu (I think I spelled that right).  Upon second glance I say it’s one hell of a great invention.

  2. Hmm my wife could use one of these. It might free up the sofa a bit.. she lives under a duvet for half of the weekend. I expect being able to use her arms might make it the full weekend. Not sure if thats a good thing.. meh!.

  3. This isn’t all that new. We had these when I was growing up although they weren’t called slankets. They wre just blankets with snaps that you could snap together anyway you wanted including as a shirt type deal like this. You could even snap it up like a sleeping bag.

  4. Damn… if anyone finds the going price on materials, is it worth it to make one?

    The slanket is 60” wide and 100” long.  100” is about 2 3/4 yards and probably another yard for the shirty part.  Most fleece is sold in 60” width. I reckon that you would need about four yards of fleece. You should be able to get decent fleece for about US $7 or $8 per yard.  The shirty part will require engineering, and quite a bit of sewing will be involved.  You will also have to figure that you will waste a certain amount of fabric while engineering the shirty part.

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