Go read Russell’s Teapot.

A fellow by the name of Chaz Braman sent me an email back on the 4th asking if I’d take a gander at his website aptly titled Russell’s Teapot. Of course it was Bertrand Russell who came up with the Celestial Teapot analogy and… I honestly have no idea what that has to do with Chaz’s website, but it’s a cool name just the same which I wish I’d thought of back when I was stumbling around looking for a cool blog name.

Anyway, in addition to being his blog, it’s also the repository for his comic strip which I thought was damned amusing. Here’s a sample:

Click it for a bigger version or you’ll never be able to read it.

The rest of them were good too, but he only has 28 so far so you all need to go and read them and then encourage him to write more. Good stuff. Go check it out.

4 thoughts on “Go read Russell’s Teapot.

  1. They were all good or excellent.
    I think my favourite was #14 –
    So let me get this straight – you don’t believe in evolution but you do believe in an invisible wish-granting super-being in space who impregnated an earth woman who then gave birth to a magical man/god hybrid who then died, rose from the dead and flew up to ‘heaven’?
    Well, it’s just that evolution seems so far-fetched.  tongue laugh

  2. I read a couple of threads.  This was on the “Athiests draw new generation” about a group that fights for Church/State seperation

    One of the most recent developments to galvanize activists is the Public Expression of Religion Act, sponsored by Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind.

    The bill would deny attorney fees and damages to those who successfully argue against violations of the church-state separation. The House Judiciary Committee passed on a party-line vote.

    which is a bit extreme “We’re wrong so you pay”

    However it’s a good thing that this group can’t bring 1st amendment challenges in the UK

    Overturning a state Good Friday holiday.

    They would be lynched at taking away religeous bank holidays (Christmas day and Boxing day, Good friday and Easter Monday).

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