Gamestop and EBGames take PS3 preorders… for about half an hour.

If you were hoping to preorder a Sony Playstation 3 I hope you got up early yesterday. Only two stores were taking preorders, Gamestop and EBGames, and most stores are expecting to get a grand total of five machines each on release day. This meant that preorder sign ups didn’t last long after the opening of the store and even if you were number 1 in line they’re still not guaranteeing you’ll get one as promised. Even with a $100 minimum deposit there were still people lining up on both coasts in hopes of landing a reservation. No word yet on if any other stores are planning on allowing preorders.

It wasn’t much longer after the stores opened that the first eBay PS3 auctions started hitting the net. A good number of them have $1,000 reserves to start with one optimistic seller setting his opening bid at $2,500 which makes the $600 price tag of the PS3 seem reasonable in comparison. What’s really amazing is that there are people out there who will spend the extra cash to get a machine before anyone else. Me, I’m still holding out hope that someone at Sony is a fan of SEB and sends me one for free just because they enjoy the blog so much.

Hey, even I can engage in a little wishful thinking every now and then…

3 thoughts on “Gamestop and EBGames take PS3 preorders… for about half an hour.

  1. On one hand, I’m not much surprised that some people are just gonna buy PS3s just to sell them on Ebay.

    On the other hand, I have a feeling the Wii will end up the same situation as the PS3 despite having more units available

  2. It’s hard to imagine the Wii following the same route if they’re easy to find and Nintendo seems to think they’ll have plenty.

    Which shouldn’t be too surprising as they’ve admitted that it’s basically a gussied up Game Cube.

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