Crazy Email of the Day: you know it all dont´you?

More fun from the loony bin…

    From: “Paolo”
    Subject: you know it all dont´you?
    Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 10:42:14 +0200

    But of course whatever is being said in support of the “Religion of evolution” you swallow.
    You have faith in something you can´t prove with one single jot of scientific evidence and yet you buy it.
    So who believe the incredible you or him?

It’s the classic “Religion of Evolution” argument! Oh noes! My lack of faith is crumbling before my eyes! Run!

7 thoughts on “Crazy Email of the Day: you know it all dont´you?

  1. So, I read this post and the first thing I though was, dumber than a sack of hammers.

    Which got me to wondering about the saying. So I did a little web search and ran across an article by a guy who was trying to replace the phrase with one of his own. See article at:

    He was having a problem with this:

    The thing is that just the idea of assembling a whole bunch of hammers into one place seems pretty silly. What would someone want with forty or fifty hammers? And why would you put them all in a sack? Wouldn’t they get all tangled up and be hard to take out again? Wouldn’t it be more sensible to put them in a wooden box with a handle on it? Putting a bunch of hammers in a sack is a pretty dumb thing to do. And that is the secret of why this expression is so funny. It is multi-layered in its humor. Collecting a bunch of hammers is dumb. Putting them in a sack is dumb. Each individual hammers is pretty dumb (When is the last time a hammer ever figured out anything for itself? Never, that’s when). When you get a bunch of dumb hammers all tangled up in a sack together you cannot really expect them to have any sort of collective intelligence, or to be able to work together to somehow increase their brain-power. There are indeed few things that are dumber than a sack of hammers.

    Which pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  2. you can´t prove with one single jot of scientific evidence and yet you buy it.

    Could you please enlighen us with some papers from a reputable journal that go on to debunk evolution, even just a little bit (emphasis on reputable, meaning a journal actually on the scale like Nature).  Normally I would supply the entries and articles first, but for some funny reason many don’t try to hard after that.  I respond and nothing comes of it.  Please state the scientific imformation that is against evolution and then we can have a little debate, completely formal and unbaised by personal convictions.

    Hey Lez, if this one runs away, could you please forward me the senders E-mail address.  They just keep not responding back and I am getting tired of researching intricate arguments that aren’t tried.  If they would respond to me, I’ll just come to them, if that would be alright with you.

    Now please “throw down” if you will.

  3. dumber than a sack of hammers

    Nice, KPG, and new to me.  I also like “dumb as a box of rocks”, which I picked up from Barbara Kingsolver in The Bean Trees.  Perhaps not quite so satisfyingly multi-layered, but it has a ring to it.

    The one place I know where it’s a good idea to have at least twenty hammers in one place is in Oblivion, to keep your armor repaired so you don’t get wasted by the Daedra…

  4. I can at least find a use for a sack of hammers

    How about: “Sharp as a nerf axe” ??

    Or: “Makes about as much sense as Bush in Mensa” ?

    or: “More idiotic than cloning Carrot Top”

    or: “Stupider than this sentence”

    or: “More useless than a bed without handcuffs”


  5. Even further off topic:

    I work in a retail electronics store.

    A woman came in today and asked for a new mouse. I asked her what was wrong with her old one. She said it would go up or down and it would go right, but it wouldn’t go left.

    I told her it must be a Republican.

    She just stared at me……

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