Congrats: to the athiest.

I spent about 3 hours reading the very long postings found at “Ending The Myth of Horus” and I have some comments.

First I would like to thank the atheist that stood strong with research and had the incentive for taking on the subject. They did an excellent job in presenting the material as a sound rebuttal.

Second,  I hope theist and Jesus freaks alike learned something, hope springs eternal, but not guaranteed.

Over thirty years ago when I first heard the argument of the Jesus=Horus (and other pagan myths) I was deeply involved in a Christian cult, and my information came over the pulpit in the form of denial of any such relationship.  The preacher-man’s sermon on the subject woke me up, as until then I did not even know such an argument existed. What are pagan gods?  Ignorance is a terrible thing to suffer.

It was not until years later, after I got of that “stupid evil bastard” of a Christian religion, that I remembered that sermon, and I went on a personal study to learn all I could about paganism. As I was studying, the memories came back of extreme guilt to consider reading about paganism, from my Christian cultic training no less. I had to assure myself that if I think about the hot sun, I will not burn up, accordingly, reading any information and studying a subject, does not mean I endorse the material. If there was any god of kindness, why would a god want me to be stupid and ignorant? In addition, if god is an ogre, WTF difference does it make, he and I would never get along anyways.

Therefore, I chose knowledge over ignorance, and I studied. I departed from from human stupidity of god(s). I learned with pleasure to enjoy my natural curiosity.  I want to know things, all kinds of things, so I study.

I think my point is to the atheist, do not give up and do not think that your efforts are not making a valued difference in human life for the better. Looking back over the years, had not some atheist studied paganism and stomped on Jesus beliefs, I would have never heard the word “pagan”, and then I wondered what that word means.

Jesus=Horus, and so many other pagan gods, and my first exposure to this historical fact was over the Christian pulpit no less. I find such irony truly funny. As an atheist, I have to believe, a thinking human mind overpowers the myths of gods.  All the gods lose, as Jesus is a screw up of human inventions.

I always wondered why. Why do men tell me about god, and not the god himself? I always wondered why, when you give money to god, there is always a man with his hand held out to collect.

UHDUAA… it took me awhile to figure this crap out, so I was a little slow on the up take in my youth, my apologies to the human race. Accordingly, had not an atheist stood his/her ground of advancing human knowledge, even that of human history, religious history, ancient history, I may have never been inspired to “THINK”, as “THINKING” was all but beat out of me by religious stupidity.

I thank you atheist at this blog, with a message board,  for the reminder of my studies past, and of a road seldom traveled. Keep up the good work, as the very best is yet to come. As only the most stupid, or those forced into ignorance against their will, would have the single answer BEFORE any questions were asked. YEAH right, “god did it”. 

I really like the name of this place, “YOU (“you” is implied) Stupid Evil Bastard!” I would like to find that Christian preacher-man from my youth, and get right in his face. Accordingly,  YOU atheist did GOOD at this board, you did well with Jesus=Horus as a historical fact, and I am here to tell you about it as I have.


2 thoughts on “Congrats: to the athiest.

  1. I believe the primary reason why monotheistic religions are so virulent is that they do not identify which “GOD” they worship. To put a finer point on it, ask a Christian why they do not believe in Thor, then ask them why they believe in Jehovah. Most won’t know who Jehovah is. The point being, when you refuse to assign a name to the deity you worship, you empower this belief with a certain power that is far greater than that wielded by any other myth. Its difficult to explain really, but the issue become pure black and white instead of grey. Often, when the subject arises, I am asked in an almost astonished tone, “You don’t believe in God?” This sets the tone for what becomes an ultimately black or white issue. Believing in any other myth becomes not only fallacy, but is a ridiculous notion at best. To further my point, NOT believing in a single deity is just as bad. You are either with them, or against them. Also, Christians tend to reject the notion that other Gods could exist out of hand and it seems there is something of a link between giving the deity a name and mythology. It would seem that if you were to address the Christian God by the name “Jehovah” you would realize that you are truly no different than every other theist. That simple issue of a name is what tends to separate most religions from one another. Were I to accuse most Christians of worshipping Jehovah, I would be labeled as an ignorant blasphemor. Funny, that? Isn’t it?

  2. Don: I thank you atheist(s) at this blog

    So do I. I’ve been enlightened in many ways here.  smile

    Neo: … ask a Christian why they do not believe in Thor, then ask them why they believe in Jehovah.

    I never thought of it like that but it makes a lot of sense.
    Thanks.  smile

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