Church video for Halloween “alternative” shows guy vandalizing lawn display.

The first thing that struck me about this video clip advertising the Faith Church’s alternative to engaging in the “Satanistic”—it says that for centuries the devil has owned the month of October—rituals of traditional Halloween celebrations was the claim that this year “Jesus takes Halloween back!” Apparently they thought it was Jesus’ holiday to begin with.

The second thing that struck me was how the youth leader goes about showing his dislike for the traditions of Halloween. First he smashes a pumpkin, no big deal and not what caught my attention. Then he punts a little stuffed Dracula doll through the uprights on a football field, again not that big of a deal and not what caught my attention. It’s the third thing he does that made me sit up and take notice. The scene shows him driving along holding a water balloon when the video suddenly freeze frames so you can see the following:

Yes, that’s right. This upstanding Christian youth leader is about to vandalize someone’s Halloween display and that’s exactly what he does. Naturally, being a good and upstanding Christian, he immediately feels guilty for messing around with someone else’s property and expresses his remorse to the camera.

Of course he doesn’t. Don’t be stupid. Granted it was only a water balloon and at least he didn’t run up and trash it completely, but he’s still supposedly a better person for knowing Jesus and so you’d presume that he’d be above this sort of “Jackass” style of antic, but you’d be wrong.

The funny part of it all to me is that I didn’t have a problem with him smashing his own pumpkin or punting his little vampire doll around or the fact that he’s trying to recruit kids to his alternative to Halloween. I didn’t get pissed until he felt the need to fuck around with someone else’s Halloween display. Don’t like the holiday? Fine, don’t celebrate it. Offer up an alternative if you want. Just don’t be a dick to the rest of us who disagree with you.

Found via Hellbound Alleee. Full video after the jump if you want to see it.


27 thoughts on “Church video for Halloween “alternative” shows guy vandalizing lawn display.

  1. And the theme music is AC/DC’s “Back in Black”. 

    When I was a kid, we’d ride around throwing water balloons and listening to AC/DC.  They accused us of being devilworshippers.

  2. All I can say is, I’m gonna take back Yule this year for all the pagans (even though I’m an atheist, I think I’ll still do it.)  Anyway, I’m gonna start by paint-balling the local nativity scene at the church down the street…

    And if Satan owns October, maybe Jebus shouldn’t have sold it to him for that crack money…

  3. Where is “Faith Evangelical Church” located? I could barely make out the sign, or the lettering on the church bus as they zipped past.  Perhaps their church needs to be notified of what certain braindead zealots are doing in their name.

    Either way, I certainly hope these young men reside in a state that doesn’t require the use of seatbelts – because I think that nice Christian boy videotaped himself breaking two laws.

    Garsh! WWJD, Keith Miller and Craig Wheeler?

  4. If they want to run around throwing water balloons I say we up the ante. I noticed they have some nice tall glass windows in front there and I have not shot my pistol lately….

  5. Les, you don’t get it.  Not fighting the celebration of Halloween is the same as letting Satan win!

    Why don’t they just make a nice Hell House instead?

  6. It just proves ” More people are driven to Insanity by religious hysteria, than all other causes combined. It’s just another holiday that our economy has come to depend on for survival. This guy must be Anti-American. Wonder if he eats pumpkin pie during Jesus’s birthday bash. What a fuckin moron.

  7. What else is he gonna do at that age as a xian?
    It’s not as if he’s allowed to fuck or drink.
    And, being a jackass is so courageously clever.  wink

  8. Why LJ, are you saying you observed an overtly gay theme throughout this video? I thought Christians were against that sort of thing. I wonder if Keith Miller and Craig Wheeler of “Faith Church” are doing the will of the Father with this little video of theirs.

    As music from “AC/DC” blasts, we’re informed that these fine Christian boys are part of the “18th LARGE Group” . . . as one of our heroes takes a swing with his big “hammer” – or is it his big “axe”? Will we see any “log jamming” in this video? hmmm – one wonders.

    Then, a Vampire doll (suck, anyone?) is suggestively centered as one of the young men displays his hind quarters – “assuming the position”, as it were – as his friend “puts it between the uprights”.  hmmm.

    Finally, who can deny the look of pure lust on the boy’s face as he lovingly fondles a squishy sac filled with liquid, tossing it quickly until it unleashes it’s payload on his intended target.

    Keith Miller and Craig Wheeler of “Faith Church” (think this’ll show up when they’re ego-surfing?) – seriously, WWJD?  LOL

  9. One question – why do Christians feel this obsessive need to “TAKE BACK!” holidays that were never theirs to begin with?

  10. Beau: a swing with his big “hammer” – or is it his big “axe”?

    It’s what we call a blockbuster (combination wedge and axe on the pointy end); really good for splitting logs to fit in the firebox.
    I used one a lot when I was younger and fitter.
    Last time was a coupla years ago house-sitting for 3 months up in the hills about 40 km from town during a winter – a wheel-barrow load would last the fire 24 hrs. Fuck, it was cold outside. smile

  11. Easy with the descriptions there, LJ!  “Blockbuster” indeed! Keith Miller and Craig Wheeler might be reading this, and I suspect this might turn them on!  LOL

    I had to clear a lot of dead brush and fallen limbs/trees off my property during the past week.  Chainsawed it all up and made a pile about 7 or 8 feet high by perhaps 10 feet around.  Yesterday, at about 4pm, I lit it up.  It go so hot you couldn’t get within 10 or 12 feet of the blaze. 


    By midnight, there was nothing left but a 6-foot round by 1-foot high pile of hot, glowing ash.  And it was still so hot, you couldn’t stand to be any closer than 3 feet away.  It was in the upper 30’s here last night, and I was standing there in my tee shirt, sweating (settle down, Keith and Craig!).

    Grab some marshmallows, everyone!

  12. Keith Miller and Craig Wheeler

    I wouldn’t mind a coupla references about these two fellas.
    Our Keith Miller was a fighter pilot during WW2 in England and the Errol Flynn of Oz cricket.
    He was once asked how he could always be so calm and relaxed in a cricket match and the gist of his retort was: Stress is when you have a Messerschmitt up your arse … which sorta put the two games in perspective.  LOL

  13. LuckyJohn asks: I wouldn’t mind a coupla references about these two fellas

    Those are the names of the two Disciples of Jesus in the video Les posted. I’m hoping one day they’ll be ego-surfing, and find their names listed *here*.  Could be fun!  grin

    …Stress is when you have a Messerschmitt up your arse … which sorta put the two games in perspective.

    Makes perfect sense . . . a “survivor’s” outlook on life and it’s challenges. 

    Many years ago, when I was about 19, I took the train into Manhattan with my dad.  To make a long story short, something happened on the train involving a guy with a knife wanting money, and my dad did a quick judo move on the guy, sending him sprawling down the center aisle of the train. The guy ran off.

    I stood there, positively speechless – this was my *dad*, and he’d JUST KICKED SOME ASS.

    When we were outside walking, I asked him if he was scared while the situation was unfolding.  He looked at me and said “I survived hand to hand combat in Korea – NOTHING scares me anymore.  My life is gravy!”

    I’ll never forget that.

  14. Beau: “I survived hand to hand combat in Korea – NOTHING scares me anymore.  My life is gravy!”

    Wow. What a great memory to have of your father. smile

    Keith Miller and Craig Wheeler

    I’ve Googled about a bit and found next to nothing – I suppose it’s good (?) enough to know they’re a coupla True Believer™ disciples and they go into full-on fundie file. wink

  15. Leave it to the christians to hate something they dont at all like, then claim it was theirs in the first place and thatr someone corrupted it, and then fuck around with honest peoples stuff all because they’re not asshole christians like so many out there are. 

    I’m just hoping someone returns the favor for his nativity scene display, and fucks up a bastardization of a holiday his religious ancestors stole over cold blood from other religions.

    happy Winter Solctice, when it gets here!

  16. WBOFTH writes…

    I’m just hoping someone returns the favor for his nativity scene display, and fucks up a bastardization of a holiday his religious ancestors stole over cold blood from other religions.

    I hope they don’t return the favor. It just brings us down to their level and gives them something to point to as an example of how evil we are. Messing with a nativity scene will always be considered more “evil” than messing with a Halloween display because one is supposedly a holy depiction and the other one isn’t.

  17. Off topic post about how I missed the chance for a good arguement

    Knock at door today- little old lady there and said ‘Can I hand you a tract’

    Me “ok- I fancy a laugh”

    as she leaves I said “there is no God- it is important to realise this”

    Afterwards I thought about how condescending I had been, and I felt bad.  I was wrong.

    What I should have done is asked her to hold on for a minute while I read the flyer, then pointed out exactly where it was wrong, illogical, nonsensical and just plain nasty.

    She was a Jehovahs Witness*.  They tract quoted Corinthians, not Leviticus about gays, so the ‘mixed fibres’ offensive play was out of the play book, but there is always the ‘if God hates ‘em why did he make them that way’ argument.  Plus statements saying if your religeon teaches of an afterlife then it is a false religeon- Jesus will resurrect the dead- which will be a bit icky, all those decomposed bodies, plus we could be awfully overcrowded. Plus exactly where did Jesus ascend to?

    * The Jehovahs witness joke

    A plague of frogs collided with a cloud of locusts today.  Police are asking for Jehovah’s Witnesses

  18. I don’t get it. My local Christian Youth Association holds a haunted maze every year. Good kids, good clean fun.

  19. We do it more grown up. Complete with EMF Trifield Meter, Infrared night vision and a squirt gun full of holywater.

    The proton pack’s out of budget.


  20. Halloween is a Christian Holiday! They stole it like all the other holidays we celebrate. It used to be All Hallows Eve before the Church decide to designate it Halloween. They even changed Jesus’ birthday, in order to fall all on other religions most celebrated time of year, to help with conversion.

  21. Hotwing: Halloween is a Christian Holiday!

    You’re wrong! See here for a not so complete history lesson but it’ll do for a beginner – not that you’ll change your mind cos that already belongs to your religion.

    They even changed Jesus’ birthday

    Kid, ‘they’ never knew when it was cos he didn’t actually exist – but – to lend credence to ‘their’ assertions ‘they’ decided to make it on the same day as Mithras and a coupla other terrific blokes including Deus Sol Invictus, (“the undefeated sun god”).
    You may even be clever enough to realise where the idea of the xian halo came from.

    Mithras is often identified with Sol Invictus

    Please git outa ya tree and do some research into your religion.
    You’ll be amazed at how many lies you believe to be true cos ‘they’ told you it was true.
    Don’t be so fucking lazy.  LOL

  22. Les, you’re such a worrier. He probably built that display himself, just so he could trash it.


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